The Climate Rally & Our Fabulous Fall List

IMG_1889.JPGThe People’s Climate March
Green Writers Press authors and editors were down in NYC in full force with the rest of the world watching as 1% of Vermonters and almost half a million people marched for Climate Justice! We are proud beyond words to have been asked to carry the Vermont flag. Here are some photos from The March—one of Dede Cummings and Vermont-Irish poet from our book, So Little Time, Greg Delanty! Please share and keep the momentum going….March On!

Our Fabulous Fall List
We’ve got a great fall list from Green Writers Press!

Northeast Kingdom writer, Don Bredes, offers a stunning YA fantasy, Polly and the One and Only World, that deals with a young Vermont girl who is also a witch, and it is set in a much diminished America, post climate chaos. Vermont novelist, Howard Frank Mosher, says “Polly Lightfoot is the most likeable—and the most resourceful—teenage character in American fiction since Huck Finn.”

Another GWP author, climate professor and humorist, Brian Adams, the author of a novel called Love in the Time of Climate Change, is hilarious and also thought provoking. The first review, from Bill McKibben is in, and Bill says, “It’s a pleasure to meet this fellow sufferer of Obsessive Climate Disorder; he’s definitely funnier than most of us environmental types.”

Our first “Cli-fi” (“Climate Fiction!) for kids book, one in our new series “Josie Goes Green” for early readers, called Josie and the Fourth Grade Bike Brigade, is out and flying off the shelves already…. Go Josie Garcia, Go! We love this endorsement!!

“I love this book and I can’t wait to have my kids read it. Great for adults too —irrepressible Josie and her pals can teach grown-ups a thing or two about protecting the planet.”
—Mike Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club

And, lastly, a Vermont gem: we are proud to be publishing the Anthology Contemporary Vermont Fiction, which is coming out November 7th, and includes Jeffrey Lent, Howard Frank Mosher, Megan Bergman Mahew, Wallace Stegner, Joseph Bruchac, and others, plus a brand new story on illegal immigration from Mexico to Vermont farms by Julia Alavarez!

We are absolutely thrilled to be publishing all these amazing books, and this collection edited by GWP editor, Robin MacArthur (granddaughter of the legendary Vermont folksinger, Margaret MacArthur)! November 9th, from 5-7pm at Next Stage in Putney, Vermont, we will have a launch party and reading from Contemporary Vermont Fiction with most of the authors in the collection.

Our groundbreaking book, The Bodies of Mothers, is in its second printing—if you order from your local bookstore and write a review on Amazon, we will be able to sell out, and it will be a collector’s item because Jade will sign them for you! Message for details! / Go Jade Go! We are so proud of the body love advocacy work you are doing and honored to be your publisher!

Thanks for supporting us at GWP and helping us spread the word!

Dede Cummings
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