Summer Recap & The Climate Rally

-cbbf001afadaaa2fAs I sit on the Amtrak “Vermonter,” hurtling through the Connecticut countryside, I’m reflecting on how amazing the summer was for us at GWP: the Bread Loaf / Orion Environmental Writers’ Conference, Bookstock in Woodstock, the Greensboro Writers’ Forum and my poetry workshop — “Making the Global Personal: Using Poetry as an Activist Tool”—were just a few of the highlights of the summer, along with hiking, biking, swimming in Vermont’s rivers and gardening, of course.

GWP poet, Greg Delanty, had a beautiful poem published in The Atlantic, and under his name, they mentioned our book, So Little Time! We are so proud and honored to have Greg as one of our authors. He will be down in New York City with us, this Sunday, for the Climate Rally, along with thousands of Vermonters.

I’m doing another workshop in the middle of October, the Northern Woodlands Writers’ Conference. GWP authors, Leland Kinsey and Patti Smith, along with Howard Frank Mosher, will be reading there as well. There are still some spots available, so join us if you can! GWP advisory board member and supporter, nature writer John Elder, will open the weekend!

Our fall books are emerging, too, from the long summer and will start to come out to the world beginning the end of September.

Kids & Bikes
Here is a link to one of the books we are publishing this month—it’s doing so well already and it’s not even published yet:

It’s really great to get kids involved in the face of climate crisis—getting the younger generation involved—that’s what the UN Secretary General says we must do!

That’s why I’m going to New York City on Sunday, to join with thousands of Vermonters at the largest climate rally in history—we need to really make sure that the world sees that acting urgently on the climate crisis is not just environmentally imperative, but also economically critical.

Our first Young Adult “Clifi” fantasy, Polly and the One and Only World, has JUST finished printing and is already getting some thought-provoking reviews, like this one from Vermont writer, Tena Starr! Congrats to author, Don Bredes, for his stunning first GWP novel — he already has published many other books with Major NYC publishers — we are thrilled to have him publish POLLY with us!

Later in October, we are pleased to publish a debut novel about climate change that is actually a romantic comedy! We kid you not! It is called Love in the Time of Climate Change, by environmental science professor, Brian Adams. Here is what Bill McKibben has to say:

It’s a pleasure to meet this fellow sufferer of Obsessive Climate Disorder; he’s definitely funnier than most of us environmental types.
—Bill McKibben,

In November, look for Contemporary Vermont Fiction, An Anthology, edited by our very own GWP editor, Robin MacArthur! November 9th, from 5:00-7:00 pm, we are having a reading/party/celebration for that book! We are also doing a special fundraiser for it to pay for permissions, printing, and all the hard work Robin has put into the book…. You can preorder now from your local bookstore, or buy at the party!

Last but not least…. In early December, a holiday gift book is coming to your local bookstore: Why I Ride: Because the Bike Pedal Lasts Longer Than a Gas Tank, by Hollie and Inja and the kids/riders from Cambridge, England. We are overjoyed to bring the first US book from Hollie! Watch for it and, as always, thanks for helping us so spread the word!

Kathleen Agena, a great friend of GWP, has this opinion in the Times Union which is presented clearly and succinctly.

In her Message to attendees of Ben & Jerry’s Sunday Bus to People’s Climate March, 350 Vermont coordinator, Maeve McBride, urges the awesome citizens of Vermont to get on the bus and march for change in NYC! GWP will have a strong presence in the Vermont contingent—marching proudly with the Vermont flag!

Here are some details:
We will unload in NYC on 86th St. between Central Park West and Columbus Ave. From here, we will walk to the Vermont meet up. The VT meet up spot is TBD. Drop-off is about 1.5 miles away from Columbus Circle, the start of the march.

-The March will be staged in different themed segments from “frontlines of change” to “rebuild the future” to “it takes everyone.” The Vermont contingent will march in “it takes everyone,” the final section of the march.

-The end time of the March is 4:30pm. Buses will pick us up at the end of the march near 11th Ave and 34th St.

-The march route is 2.5 miles long.

-Our Vermont contingent will have Brass Balagan, Village Harmony, and Solidarity Singers. Song books and other materials will be available to everyone on the bus. No singing or cymbals before 9am, we promise!

-Bread & Puppet is coming with their Tar Sands puppets!

GWP will be there!