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A Special Offering from our Localvore Store

 GWPnewMastheadGreetings friends of GWP. . . now we have a store set up ON-LINE to order special editions, preorders, cards, posters, and more…. a community store, but on-line! This is a way to keep the “Localvore” movement going into publishing—shop local, right here in Vermont!

We are offering a selected series of So Little Time photographs that will be a treasure for our readers and supporters, too. Help us support our artists directly! Our f
eatured SPRING 2015 artist is First Nation’s photographer Neil Louie.

Neil Louie is a freelance photographer from Chilliwack, British Columbia, and graduate of the VAN Arts College Photography Program. Neil is the nephew of Chief Martin Louie, of the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation group in opposition of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project, a proposal to construct twin pipelines, running from Bruderheim, Alberta, to Kitimat, British Columbia. Groups like the Yinka Dene Alliance have been organized to campaign against the project.

We will donate 90% of the photo sale to Neil Louie (includes the gallery commission); 10% to the First Nation’s Tribal Council of the Nadler Whut’en band. Thanks for considering this beautiful image and Neil will be thrilled to make the sale. Here is the image, and the link:



New!  Notecards
These 5″ x 7″ notecards of each bird from The Bird Book are available through our online store, as single cards, or in a full group of 26! They are printed right in Brattleboro, Vermont on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, too.

The Bird Book is a children’s alphabet book by artist and educator Brian D. Cohen and writer Holiday Eames, created for their son, David.Each letter of the alphabet, in both uppercase and lowercase, corresponds to the bird illustrated on each page. The descriptions are a delight to read for inquisitive children and adults alike.



Thanks for your support and being a GWP ‘localvore’ shopper!

Our First High School Intern & News

LindseyVachonHSInternGWPLindsey Vachon is Green Writers Press’ first high school intern. She is a junior at Leland and Gray Union High School in Townshend, Vermont, where she lives, and hopes to learn everything there is to learn about writing and the publishing world. She loves writing, mostly fiction, and besides that, has a love for creating pottery, traveling and learning about the stars. Please welcome the talented and wonderful, Lindsey Vachon!

Lindsey is helping to edit this young adult/middle grade reader fiction coming out in May, The Order of the Trees.TheOrderoftheTreesFrontCover

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Things just keep happening!

A busy time of year you ask?  
SoLittleTimeFrontCoverFebRelease. . . it is, but we are pretty excited here at GWP, with the launch of So Little Time: Words and Images for a World in Climate Crisis. The book just grew, and grew, at the end we added new poems and things got moved around, and the book emerged better and more beautiful than I could have imagined!
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A new book coming out soon!

SoLittleTimeCovSalessmlEdited by Green Writers Press managing editor, Dede Cummings, with a Foreword from John Elder, and poems that feature the work of Greg Delanty, along with quotes from such environmentalists, as BIll McKibbenSo Little Time is an interactive and interpretive book that will inspire, enrich, and a call to action in an urgent plea to stop global warming.
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Making our first film to introduce the new press

Dede writes: I’ve worked on some book trailers before, for some of my author/clients in the publishing business, most notably for David Blistein and his book, David’s Inferno. For that book trailer, I got to go to help set it up and work on the story board, and attend the filming, which was at Ken Burns’ Florentine Films in New Hampshire (not far from where I live in Brattleboro).

It was “wicked” exciting to be there, hanging out with one of my heroes, well, Dave, my client, but KEN BURNS! I think Ken’s work is brilliant….. so, in any event, I was suitably inspired last night when I went to hear Ken give a talk and presentation for his new PBS series, The Roosevelts. In fact, I was so inspired, I went home and made this video so that we can raise tons of money and pay our printing bill for The Bird Book, So Little Time, and The Beavers of Popple’s Pond… If we raise even half of our $20,000 goal, we will be in good shape, so I am hoping for $10,000. Maybe, just maybe, this little earnest film—with my son, Sam Carmichael, playing an original composition on the guitar….will bring us there!

Here it is, and tell us what you think? I already got feedback on the bad sound quality 🙂 Going to try to fix that or rerecord… Please share! We will list your name on our site as supporter if you donate, too! Our big party is November 1st, Putney, Vermont at Next Stage Arts Project!