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SoLittleTimeCovSalessmlEdited by Green Writers Press managing editor, Dede Cummings, with a Foreword from John Elder, and poems that feature the work of Greg Delanty, along with quotes from such environmentalists, as BIll McKibbenSo Little Time is an interactive and interpretive book that will inspire, enrich, and a call to action in an urgent plea to stop global warming.

Originally it was going to be a book of Delanty’s poetry with images from Vermont photographers. Greg suggested that we invite other living poets and photographers, and subsequently Greg invited many here, and some not within the confines of the state of Vermont. It is worth noting upfront that none of the poets, photographers, and their publishers has charged a fee for reprinting, and many of the photographers and poets created new work for the volume!

So Little Time is a revolving door of political activism, spirituality, nature, and humanity. It is a call to action, where urgency meets poetry in no uncertain terms, and asks, “What hour are we in?” Edited by Green Writers Press managing editor, Dede Cummings, and featuring poet, Irish and U. S. citizen, and Vermont activist, Greg Delanty, it takes its cue from the grassroots sensibility of Vermont, stripping down decades of unwavering ideals to arrive at an interpretive look at what it means to be ‘Green’ in an evolving world. A work of education and art as invigorating as the poets, teachers, and activists who inspired it, So Little Time addresses what it means to take up action for something as simple as good, healthy, and clean living. It stands on a fundamental set of questions: “What are we looking at?” “What are we seeing?” “What’s really there?” Then asks, “What’s actually there?” So Little Time is more than a coffee table book; rather it is a visual platform, a reflection of a state of mind—clear and focused at the center—that becomes something else around the edges.

The book merges poetry and quotes with stunning black and white photography by such artists as Mariana Cook, the last surviving disciple of Ansel Adams, Steven Brock, Catherine Dianich Gruver, Judith Aronson, Mark Unrau and others.

The book is being printed in Vermont on recycled paper—100% post consumer paper using soy-based inks/chlorine free—in a family-run business that is a big supporter of the press.

We have also received word that one of the premier recycled paper companies in the United States—New Leaf Paper—is going to partner with us to help us keep our paper costs down by offering a discount. It is our hope that their distributor, Lindenmeyr, will also partner with us!

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