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Holiday Sales for the Spiritually Inclined

It’s that time of year . . . the first days of Hanukkah are here and the Christmas and Kwanzaa holidays are coming right up . . .

As a spiritually inclined publisher, we just love our books that have a spiritual and healing focus, from caregiving our elders to daily meditations in our busy lives. What better time to celebrate the holidays and we want to offer a few special sales for our readers!

Here is a special holiday list from Green Writers Press, Green Place Books, and Green Sprouts:



A bit about the book:

Take a wide-eyed look at your life—the commonplace, joyful, and even heartbreaking events—and discover the presence of God, hidden in plain sight. This is the invitation of Christine Eberle’s Finding God in Ordinary Time. Each daily reflection contains a true story and a nugget of spiritual insight, accompanied by thought-provoking questions and a memorable Scripture quote. Together they guide readers across four terrains where the divine presence may be hidden in plain sight. Warm, accessible, and surprisingly funny, Christine offers spiritual nourishment to people skeptical or weary of religion, while still giving the faithful something to chew on.

“From a woman experienced in Jesuit spirituality, in work, in relationships, and in life, comes this sensitive book about finding God in the real world.” —James Martin, SJ, author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life

“This is the perfect book for any adult in search of an adult relationship with an adult God. Filled with deep insight and humor, it will gently enliven the hearts of those who are spiritual but not religious as well as those who are religious but not spiritual. No matter the stage in your prayer journey, this lovely book will speak to you.” —Bro. Mickey McGrath, OSFS, artist, author and storyteller





A bit about the book:

This is not a book on meditation or Buddhism, though it has certainly been influenced by both. It is a book of encouragements for all those who are interested in using the unit of a single day to develop good qualities in their minds and hearts. It is a book about teaching yourself “from the middle”—the middle of frustration or joy or boredom or wherever else you find yourself. It is a book with a single thesis: that there is always something you can do, moment by moment, to rediscover the brightness of your own life.


Two gift ideas from all of us at GWP/GPB!