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Summer Internship Begins

GWP is thrilled to welcome our Summer Interns and our Fellowship Recipient! Starting this week, we are reading submissions (of which there are multitudes!), and our team will bring some fresh energy to the mix and our mission. Here is a quote from GWPSI22, Maria Tane’s letter to GWP — and we couldn’t agree with her more:

During the last couple of months, the need to more actively get involved in the environmental movement has been increasing up to the point where it made me rethink what I want my future work to look like. And the first step towards being able to channel that energy into what I find to be the most meaningful pursuit I can undertake in my lifetime is by starting to do something about it right now. My belief in the power that stories have in reshaping behavior and in bringing about change is what led me to dedicate most of my life so far to creating, consuming, analyzing, and advocating for them. It is also what led me here and why I am writing you this message. I deeply resonate with the mission of Green Writers Press to provide authors with the resources they need in the stages leading up and going beyond their vital words connecting with readers, and it would be wonderful if you would consider me for an Editorial or Developmental position as an intern.


Maria Tane is a student at the University of Amsterdam where she is majoring in Literary and Cultural Analysis, with a focus on environmental humanities. She has a soft spot for fantasy and sci-fi stories because of their ability to nudge people to think beyond what seems possible, which she thinks is a skill we all need to practice more and more right now. When the sun decides to come out in her rainy city, she enjoys having picnics outside by the water. When it doesn’t, she pairs the smell of rain with lavender tea and with writing her stories of magic looming at the edges of the mundane.

Madelyn Whelan is a junior at Merrimack College, majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing, and minoring in film studies. She helps run the school’s Film Club and Gender and Sexuality Alliance. Maddie was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and loves the beach, collecting records, and writing. In her spare time, she is either watching movies, hanging out with friends, or working at a restaurant in her hometown.


Post-Graduate Summer Fellowship Recipient

Connie McClugage is a graduate of Bennington College with a study in creative writing and linguistics. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, she’s still getting used to the cold weather but you can find her writing poetry, watching a Star Wars movie, or learning a new language. A former first-year Bennington Field Work Term intern, GWP is thrilled to have Connie “back at the office” ready to take on more editorial and management responsibilities.