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The Pond: Meet our Artist/Poet Collaborators!

A wonderful review by Sophfronia Scott in Goodreads:

The Pond
by Richard Jarrette with Susan Solomon (Illustrations)


Sophfronia Scott‘s review

Apr 23, 2019


In my review of Jarrette’s 2015 poetry collection, A Hundred Million Years of Nectar Dances, I noted: “Jarrette brings to bear an observant eye, an open heart and a spirituality that seems to meld both eastern and western philosophies. I savored his lines, marveled over his sense of imagery and felt very much how I would be happy to take this walk with him again.”

The Pond gives me the opportunity to do just that. Joining Jarrette on this lovely amble is the Minneapolis artist Susan Solomon. Her exquisite and striking portraits of nature display an intriguing play of light and dark, of sun and moon, of air and water. I wouldn’t say the paintings illustrate the book. Rather, they act as Solomon’s side of the conversation as she and Jarrette take in the grace and mystical beauty all around us.

One of my favorite paintings features a full moon reflected in water. Jarrette’s light and playful lines:

“The moon is on the moon
unaware of its light.”

Another favorite has Jarrette musing on a cow swishing away flies with her tail. Again, delightful, and reminiscent of Hafiz.

“I almost remember my tail.
I miss it–
I might hang from a limb
while reading a book;
drape it over my shoulders
in a dignified manner
like Hanuman;
manage the wine glass
and buffet plates with ease.”

This jewel of a book is a keeper, one you’ll want to peruse again and again.

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