One Man’s Maine, Essays

We love this review of our newest nonfiction collection of essays written by Left Bank Books in Belfast Maine.

Dear Friends,

If you are now readying your guest room for the annual influx of summer visitors, you need to come to our shop. . . To pick up a copy of the newly released One Man’s Maine: Essays on a Love Affair, because this book is the book you’re going to want on your guests’ bedside table (as well as on yours) this summer (and beyond).

Truth be told, when we first heard about “another” book of essays that professes a love affair with Maine, we were a bit skeptical. Didn’t E.B. White do that rather well in One Man’s Meat? But then we read the Dedication page of Jim’s book, in which he more than “nods” to White’s classic collection:

In homage to E.B. White, whose delight in the ordinary, compassion in the face of chaos, and comfort in his own skin can only be imitated, never equaled.

. . .and we knew we were on to something good. And boy, is this collection good! It’s good not “just because” Jim is a fine writer. He is. What makes this collection special is that Jim knows the natural world well and has years of experience writing about the wonders and challenges of Maine’s environment. Together, his talent and knowledge shine in this series of essays that are arranged in a singular style.

One Man’s Maine is organized into 16 pairs of essays. The first in each addresses Maine’s natural icons—lobster, moose, blueberries, lupine, elvers—while the second looks at matters of larger human significance, such as science and belief, observation and emotion. It is a concept that works exceedingly well in large part because Jim has had a 30-year career in science publishing and because he has a gentle, wry sense of humor that shines throughout his writing. His daughter Emma is equally talented—she drew accompanying illustrations for each essay.

Note:A portion of book sales will benefit Coastal Mountains Land Trust, where Jim is President of the Board of Directors.

One Man’s Maine: Essays on a Love Affair by Jim Kroschell is available nationwide whereever books or sold.


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