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“This is a very provocative book, dangerous in the way it makes us think hard about what we might need to do to save Earth’s biosphere, our only home, from a mass extinction event that is being caused not by all of us, but by some of us in positions of power. We have a wonderfully articulated rhetoric for arguments in words, but we don’t have good rhetoric for actions in the world.  What would work best? What would be morally justified in the fight for the Earth, our extended body?  These are the questions that Collins explores here, and as we live these urgent questions through his characters they tug at our hearts and minds.  We need more books like this one.
Kim Stanley Robinson, author, Ministry for the Future

AuthorJennifer Ellis with Bernie Mittens

Advance Praise for Bernie’s Mitten Maker

“In the fine old Vermont tradition, Jen Ellis keeps it real—as well as warm and fuzzy. Not even going viral stays this crafter from her self-appointed rounds of neighborliness, generosity, and radical kindness. Bernie’s Mitten Maker is an engrossing memoir about the healing power of handwork and the generative potential of an openhanded approach to life. And when you think about it, what’s an upcycled, fleece-lined mitten but a wide open hand?”

Alison Bechdel, comic artist of Dykes to Watch Out For and Fun Home

Coming May 9th! Order from your local bookstore, or click below to preorder on Phoenix Books in Burlington:


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