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Please welcome Sierra Dickey! She joins editors John Tiholitz, Jenna Gersie and Rose Alexandre-Leach.

Sierra Dickey is a young writer and editor native to Cape Cod, Massachusetts with auxiliary roots in the Northeast Kingdom. In 2015, she graduated from Whitman College, where her honors thesis on ecofeminist literature was the recipient of the Linda Meyer Award for Best Environmental Essay. She is passionate about both print and digital media, as well as long walks and good coffee.

We love Sierra’s essay on the piping plovers in the Yale Forestry school’s environmental magazine, Sage.


In other news, our first poetry collection was a finalist in the first annual Vermont Book Award. Well, our poet, Leland Kinsey, didn’t win, but he was a finalist, and we are incredibly proud! It was a fabulous event put on by Vermont College of the Fine Arts. I tried to take a picture of the beautifully-renovated alumni Hall to show people how gorgeous it looked…. In the last photo, I’m standing with the newly-elected Vermont State poet laureate, Chard DeNiord and GWP associate editor, John Tiholiz, at the Vermont Book Award Gala.


There is more exciting news: our earth science/memoir debut by M Jackson hit bookstores in August and is already selling out of it second printing! Here is some information about this deeply personal and highly-acclaimed book.

We are very proud of the work M is doing, and if you are interested in going on a tour to visit her in Iceland in the spring, let Dede know. Here is a great shot of her in Iceland (this is NOT field work)!
Green Writers Press is delighted to announce that While Glaciers Slept: Being Human in a Time of Climate Change by M Jackson, published August 21, 2015, is garnering praise and Bill McKibben has written a glowing Foreword.

WhileGlaciersSleptFrntCoverWhile Glaciers Slept weaves together the parallel stories of what happens when the climates of a family and a planet change. M Jackson, a noted scientist and National Geographic Expert, reveals how these events are deeply intertwined, and how the deterioration of her parents’ health was as devastating as the inexorable changing of Earth’s climate. Jackson poses a stark question: if losing one’s parents is so devastating, how can we survive the destruction of the planet that sustains us? Jackson draws both literal and metaphorical parallels between the degradation of the climate and her parents’ struggles with cancer. Nonetheless, Jackson shows that even in the darkest of times we cannot lose hope. Jackson guides us to solar, wind, and geothermal solutions, bringing us along on her expeditions to research climate change and to educate people about how to stop it. Scientists are continually looking for better ways to translate hard science into human language and that is precisely what this book does. While Glaciers Slept shows us that the story of one family can be the story of one planet, and that climate change has a human face. Climate change, she convinces us, is not just about science—it is also about the audacity of human courage and imagination.

According to Dr. Steve Running, winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his research on climate change, “M Jackson brings climate change down from an abstract global scale to a very personal human scale. Particularly engaging for the non-scientist reader.”
About the Author:

M Jackson

M Jackson

M Jackson is a two-time U.S. Fulbright Fellow, a National Geographic Arctic Expert, and an adventurer and environmental educator pursuing a doctorate in geography and Earth science at the University of Oregon, where she is researching glaciers and climate change in the Arctic. Jackson is the author of While Glaciers Slept, a book about understanding climatic changes through humanistic lenses. Jackson is currently living in Hofn, Iceland, where she’s researching glaciers and society through a U.S. Fulbright-National Science Foundation Arctic Research Grant.
Author’s website link.


“M Jackson does an intriguing job of weaving together observations about human health and frailty with global biospheric health and frailty. Her narrative brings climate change down from an abstract global scale to a very personal human scale. Particularly engaging for the non-scientist reader.”
—Dr. Steve Running, Nobel Prize winner and American’s foremost expert on climate change
“Climate change is many things, including an upheaval—sudden and violent—in the life of our planet. As such, it unleashes feelings and forces like those in a family when someone dies. This is a profound way of thinking about where we are right now, and what we better do about it.”
—Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org and author of Eaarth and The End of Nature

“For geographer and author M Jackson, knowing climate science isn’t enough. We need to get our hearts involved too.”—Christopher Zumski Finke, Link to article in Yes! Magazine

“While Glaciers Slept is notable non-fiction, especially when it either covers eco-fiction history or when it is written so creatively that it tells an engaging story. It is bold and sheer while also being soft and silent.”—Eco-fiction.com feature (Link)

Women Working in Nature and the Arts—Read the full interview with M Jackson and Eco-Fiction founder and editor, Mary Woodbury here.

Starred Review, Library Journal, June 2015 (Link)
“Reminiscent of Bill McKibben’s Eaarth, this title will interest readers of environmental issues, particularly climate change and a warming Arctic region, and fans of personal narratives.”
—Venessa Hughes, Library Journal
Starred Review, Shelf Awareness, August, 2015 (Link)
“Jackson poetically conflates her loss with the slow and still mysterious effects of anthropogenic climate change. Her scientific background and explorations of fascinating places—Denali and Chena Hot Springs in Alaska, Zambia with the Peace Corps—inform her writing and yield striking images, as she runs on spongy Alaskan tundra or contemplates cryoconite holes atop glaciers. But it is the personal side of her narrative that allows Jackson to address society’s psychological difficulties with climate change.”
—Julia Jenkins, Shelf Awareness, librarian and blogger at pagesofjulia


Awards: Number 1 Release for Earth Sciences on Amazon, 2015
Specs: Publication date: August 21, 2015 / Memoir/Environment/Science
236 pages, 5.5 x 8.5; Hardcover with dust jacket; photos
Distributed by Midpoint Trade books, Ingram, Baker & Taylor.
Available wherever books are sold. International foreign rights are still available. Contact Dede@greenwriterspress.com
ISBN: 978-0-9960872-6-1 Hardcover $24.95 ISBN: 978-0-9909733-3-1 eBook $14.99

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