Jade Beall’s Celebration of the Mother’s Body

Photographer Jade Beall is on a nationwide mission to celebrate the mother’s body, un-Photoshopped and unretouched. The impetus for the book project, The Bodies of Mothers, started with her own feelings of inferiority of her body after she had her first child. According to Beall:

As I first sat down to think about the beauty of the mother’s body—stretch marks, cellulite, and saggy-ness included—I was immediately struck by how hard we try to hide what we deem as ‘unattractive.’ In this project, women are more then shedding a little clothing; they are tearing away the self-imposed layers, exposing their insecurities and laying vulnerable for all to see. This is what beauty looks like, more than supple skin or tight abs—beauty is the ability to see oneself and the power of creating new life. It is accepting it all, without labeling it good or bad, with hands wide open—no matter how they may shake in the beginning.

Green Writers Press wants to sell out the first edition hardcover of The Bodies of Mothers by Mother’s Day, 2015—and we are asking our readers to help us spread the word!

In just three short months, it will be Mother’s Day, and once the book sells out, it will become a collector’s item!

If our readers want to help us reach this goal, they will help spread a message of hope and renewal—which is our mission here at GWP.


If you want to help us reach our goal, simply click this link to the book and place an order!

It’s easy and once you receive your book, take a photo of yourself with the book and write us a short description (prose or poem) about how you feel about your own body (or your partner’s or your mother’s body!)!

We will publish the photo essay in our GreenZine magazine in June!