End-of-Year Giving

Green Writers Press’ mission is to spread a message of hope and renewal through the words and images we publish. Throughout we will adhere to our commitment to preserving and protecting the natural resources of the earth. To that end, a percentage of our proceeds will be donated to environmental- and social justice-activist groups. Green Writers Press gratefully acknowledges support from individual donors, friends, and readers to help support the environment and our publishing initiative.

This year, 2021, even with a tough financial situation for our small press, we are donating to the following organizations:

$250 — The Root Social Justice Center
“In memory of Angela Berkfield”

$250 — Brattleboro Literary Festival
“In honor of the 20th Year”

$250 — Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center
“In memory of Deb Smith”

$500 — 350 Vermont
“In honor of Abby Mnookin & All”

$500 — Vermont Land Trust

$250 — SUSU commUNITY FARM
In kind donation of books & online donation.

$50 — Living Proof Mentoring
Providing representation, advocacy, and affinity spaces for Black youth in rural communities.

$25 each — Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood Federation, Nature Conservancy, ACLU, and The Southern Poverty Law Foundation.