Planning for Escape

Planning for Escape is the haunting, darkly comical, story of a young woman’s quest for personal and artistic fulfillment—a goal she is brilliant at sabotaging. Narrated through an intense, witty, yet poetically lyrical interior monologue, Catherine interweaves her own unique perspectives on memory, family, and place, with the compelling and luminous account of her endlessly disappointing search for love through a dazzling array of quirky people and unforgettable places. Grounded in an escape to memorable places—from New England to Ireland, to Japan and back again—the narrative ultimately shifts to the historically preserved and richly ambient world of Greensboro, Vermont. This novel will inspire every searcher who ever felt disappointed with what life had delivered, as opposed to what was expected. It is for all those who ever wanted to escape, ever longed to return home, or ever considered deriving new joy from simply giving up and saying goodbye to old places in search of the new.


Praise & Reviews

“Sara Dillon’s captivating protagonist, Catherine Darcy “Cat,” runs through life restlessly moving back and forth, as does the narrative, which is darkly comic and lyrical at its core. Cat is quirky and wildly entrancing—her encounters with a large cast of equally compelling characters keeps you reading to stay abreast.”  —Merrill Leffler, author of Mark the Music

“. . . a book to read, to re-read, and to remember.—one woman’s life and adventures, in prose that is lyrical, alive, and truly original.”  —Marie Ashe, legal scholar and professor at Suffolk University School of Law

“There have been many midlife-crisis novels. But Sara Dillon brings a special grace and ruefulness to this one, narrated by a woman who has ditched her “sensible” career teaching law school to drag her two young adopted children up to Greensboro. There she rents a house out of season and reflects on a past full of travel, lovers and “motifs” — passions for a person or a place that she always ended up “escaping.” “I blew it, really,” she admits. Dillon’s masterful impressionistic sketches of travels in Ireland, Japan and other places lift the novel out of the category of navel-gazing. Her heroine’s regrets may not be the stuff of page-turners, but they have the ring of truth.” —SevenDays


About the Author

SarahDillonAuthorPhoto_rgbSara Dillon has deep family roots in northeastern Vermont. She has been a legal scholar, as well as a teacher and writer of fiction and poetry. Holding a PhD in Japanese literature from Stanford and a law degree from Columbia University in New York, she has published and lectured widely in such diverse areas as international children’s rights, global economic development, and the modern Japanese novel. During many years spent in Ireland, Sara did important work in linking cultural values to landscape preservation. She currently divides her time between Belmont, Massachusetts and Greensboro, Vermont.


Planning for Escape    A novel by Sara Dillon  |   PUB DATE: January 18, 2016
5.25 x 8; trade paperback; 354 pages; $19.95
ISBN: 978-0-9961357-4-0 (pbk) 978-0-9968973-6-5 (e-Book)
Distributed by Midpoint Trade Books, Ingram’s, Baker & Taylor.