Odes to the Ordinary

In Odes to the Ordinary, Emily Benson-Scott employs a poetic form dating back to ancient Greece to valorize the commonplace. Nothing escapes her wondrous gaze, as the poet celebrates everyday objects as diverse as an elevated subway in Queens to a Quaking Aspen in Vermont. Brimming with sensual language and densely layered imagery, these poems remind us to have gratitude for the beauty that infuses even the most seemingly insignificant objects or unpleasant circumstances —from bad breakups to bad weather. Attention also becomes a vehicle towards greater empathy when the poet turns her gaze towards a weary carriage horse in Central Park or a bucket of crabs awaiting their demise. This debut collection will awaken a sense of wonder, helping to ground us in the present moment and to find the miraculous in the mundane.

Advance Praise for Odes to the Ordinary

“Emily Benson-Scott notices everything in her Odes to the Ordinary (which is really everything when you think about it, even death) but that’s the point here, nothing is to be missed or treated as ‘ordinary.’  In her lovely poem ‘Late Bloomer’, she writes — ‘She dislikes the elder rose past her prime / her fragrant beauty collapsed, / her breast a nest for suckling bees’. There is surprise and beautiful language: the Ss, the internal rhyme. Her poems welcome you, but you need to watch your step, all of a sudden, in ‘Ode to Prisoners in a Park’, there is freedom, a park, and then ‘how it must seem, the / sky exquisite as opium’ the rhyme and jarring smoothness of ‘opium’ takes you to another place in the poem. Indeed, Benson-Scott does something very interesting in her first lines — she poses a question, makes a statement, draws you in from the start, and you’ll keep reading and turning the page for another well-observed line that will stay with you whispering or burning — like ‘claws lit/ with the fire of existence, a sudden match-tip redness’.”
Robert Lipton, former Poet Laureate of Richmond California, social activist, and author of A Complex Bravery 

About the Author 
Emily Benson-Scott‘s work has appeared in Atlanta Review, Cold Mountain Review, Colorado Review, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Nimrod International Journal, and Southern Poetry Review, among other journals. Her travel writing has appeared in The London Daily Telegraph, Time Out New York, Delta Sky, Postcards, Venice, and Ultratravel. She holds a BA in international relations from Cornell University, and an MFA in creative writing from Goddard College. Formerly an adjunct professor with CUNY, Emily and her husband have spent the last decade working remotely from locations around the world, ranging from the Arctic Circle of Norway to the stiletto heel of Italy. More at www.emilybensonscott.com

Odes to the Ordinary
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