Love in the Time of Climate Change

Meet Casey, a community college professor with OCD (Obsessive Climate Disorder).  While navigating the zaniness of teaching he leads a rag-tag bunch of climate activists, lusts after one of his students, and smokes a little too much pot.  Quirky, socially awkward and adolescent-acting, our climate change obsessed hero muddles his way through saving the world while desperately searching for true love. Teaching isn’t easy with an incredibly hot woman in class, students either texting or comatose, condoms strewn everywhere, attack geese on field trips, and a dean who shows up at exactly the wrong moments. What’s a guy to do?  Kidnap the neighbor’s inflatable Halloween ghost?  Confront evangelicals and lesbian activists?  Channel Santa Claus’s rage at the melting polar ice caps?  Shoplift at Walmart?  How about all of the above!  Who would have thought climate change could be so funny!  Actually, it really isn’t, but Love in the Time of Climate Change, a romantic comedy about global warming, is guaranteed to keep you laughing.  Laughing and thinking.

Here’s what Bill McKibben, founder of, has to say about Brian’s new book:

It’s a pleasure to meet this fellow sufferer of Obsessive Climate Disorder; he’s definitely funnier than most of us environmental types.
—Bill McKibben,

Brian Adams: Love in the Time of Climate Change, a romantic comedy about climate change and my first novel, has a release date of October 20th, 2014.brianAdamsPRsmlrgb

I am a tenured professor of Environmental Science and a co-chair of the Science Department at Greenfield Community College in western Massachusetts where I have taught for the last 20 years. I am active in the climate change movement on and off campus. I have authored numerous health related brochures distributed nationally by ETR Associates and for my first novel I draw heavily on my experiences teaching and working with students. As a teacher and activist I will happily promote my work and the movement to the ends of the earth.

As a college professor I have struggled for years on how to get information on climate change out to the world beyond academia. Love in the Time of Climate Change is the result. I have felt compelled to tackle impending world catastrophe in a fictionalized form using humor, pot smoking, social awkwardness and sex while being uncompromising about the science of climate change. I have found that many people avoid climate change nonfiction given how depressing and paralyzing it can be. Humor, silliness and love present an ideal opening to a larger audience while still hitting hard on climate change issues. I am thrilled my book is being published by Green Writers Press. I hope you enjoy it!

Brian lives with his wife in Northampton, Massachusetts. Visit the author’s website to
Take Action and learn more.

Artist Donald Saaf, is a painter who lives near Dede in West Brattleboro, Vermont.

Although my new paintings are to a certain extent an ode to the local experience of our community and a mirror of my surroundings, I am always striving for the universal.  On the surface, I’m influenced by Outsider and Folk Art from around the world and my methods are not too far from a quilt makers methods, breaking down the composition into organic forms and shapes. I usually begin with a compositional idea, and once that is established, I let things grow organically. I’m always hoping to ‘solve’ the picture in a way that is surprising to me. I’m happiest when the outcome is not entirely what I planned. With the new work I have been thinking of the idea that every thing is made up of relationships. Families are made of separate people, people are made of spirit and matter, atoms made of electrons, etc. There are no basic building blocks, because every element is always made up of smaller elements. In an attempt to transplant this concept into a  21st century ‘folk’ painting, I’m moving away from the singular personal story line to one that focuses more on the community, and the great ocean of souls from which we all emerge. Visit

Paperback: 322 pages
Publisher: Green Writers Press (October 20, 2014)
Language: English   |   $16.95 for print and $7.99 for e-Book
Trim Size: 5.25 x 8 inches
ISBN: 978-0996087209
Bookstores can order via Ingram, Baker & Taylor, or directly from Midpoint Trade.
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