For the Love of Jeremy — A Memoir of a Family Affliction: Mental Illness and Addiction

For The Love of Jeremy — A Memoir of a Family Affliction: Mental Illness and Addiction is inspired by the loss of my son. The story is my family’s experience with mental Illness and how it intersects with suicide and substance use disorder. As Bipolar Disorder affects one member in each of three generations, join me in searching for light through the darkness in this journey. Sometimes we need to find the gifts of grief if we are going to survive it.


From the Author
Losing my son broke me at the deepest level and something just emanates from your heart and soul when that happens. I was driven to write this book for several reasons. First and foremost, of course, was my own healing. It is a mother’s instinct to protect her child. If that child dies, it is a mother’s instinct to protect that child’s memory. This book is a part of that process. For the Love of Jeremy: A Memoir of a Family Affliction: Mental Illness and Addiction is about unspoken truths. It has opened the door to healing my family’s somewhat secretive past of suicide and mental illness. Opening the lines of communication will promote knowledge, awareness, compassion, and progress.

For the Love of Jeremy encompasses many important ideas that I have learned through my own experience. This is knowledge that I wish I had known earlier in life. For example, I present Suicide, Mental Illness, and Substance Use Disorder as manifestations that are not separate but actually intersect and we need to treat them as such. My book is a memoir but contains lessons that are backed by research on Suicide, Bipolar Disorder and Mental Illness, and Substance Use Disorder including beliefs about Marijuana use. This information is so timely with what is going on in today’s world. My family’s experience validates the genetic connection across these illnesses. Since the loss of Jeremy I have also had a spiritual awakening. I have had many signs from Jeremy and I include these in my book. I believe he is guiding me.

From the perspective of a daughter, sister, and mom, this memoir was written
with love in hopes of increasing awareness and reducing the stigma
of mental illness, substance use disorder, and suicide.

About the Author
Renate LeDuc has a B.S. in Education and Psychology from East Stroudsburg University. She retired in 2011 from the social work field after working with Child Protective Services. She now works part time for New Jersey CAP (Child Assault Prevention) doing workshops in schools empowering children about bullying, stranger danger, and sexual assault. Renate also volunteers as a Field Advocate for AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) and a Recovery Coach for CLEAR (Community Law Enforcement Addiction Recovery). She is also involved in advocacy for mental health, suicide, and addiction and tries to help others by telling her story. Renate lives in Hardwick, New Jersey, with her husband and dog Grits.

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