Clark the Colorblind Chameleon

How difficult would it be for a little chameleon that can’t change colors because he is colorblind? 

Clark The Colorblind Chameleon is a modern-day fable written for a Kindergarten class when they were targeting a child for his differences. This story is especially timely with the political atmosphere of intolerance for anyone who is different. Often those very differences lead to brilliant creations and new ways of viewing and understanding each other, ultimately enriching our lives. 

Clark almost gets caught by a hungry cat, as he is the only chameleon who turns the wrong color and can be seen. Through the help of the Wise Chameleon, he learns how to work hard and push through his discouragement. After all his hard work, he not only can match colors, but discovers a talent for changing into fantastic colors no chameleon has ever done before!

About the Author

Anita Newman has taught in Massachusetts and Rome, as a Kindergarten, First Grade, Bilingual, and all-levels Vocal Music teacher. As a teacher of young children, she had the opportunity to closely observe students with special needs struggle to come to terms with physical and academic limitations. She understands learning disabilities and how they are overcome (not eradicated). As a School Psychologist, she has tested for disabilities, written educational plans, and practical strategies for students’ help in learning. Clark the Colorblind Chameleon is one of the stories she wrote for her students to help them better understand themselves and their classmates. She has a Masters Degree in School Psychology and is a Labor Law Attorney using her skills as President/ Grievance Chair and Negotiator of local Teachers’ Unions in both Sutton and Bridgewater/Raynham Schools. She is also a National Board Certified Teacher. Anita has written and produced ten different musicals for Kindergarten and first-grade students, as well as been the lead soprano in the Intimate Opera Co. of Worcester, MA, and Correspondent for the Worcester Telegram and Gazette. She currently lives in Carver, Massachusetts, where she sings, writes, and causes “Good Trouble.”

About the Illustrator

Asha Hossain ~ With more than 25 years in the design and marketing industries, Asha Hossain infuses a vast array of knowledge and experience in her design work, which includes book cover design and corporate branding and design. Since launching Asha Hossain Design 20 years ago, she has worked with clients ranging from New York Times bestselling authors and self-published authors to Fortune 500 companies, small independent businesses, and nonprofits. She thanks her stars every day that she has the opportunity to immerse herself in and with such fun and engaging work and people. Beyond design, Asha is an avid traveler, lover of the outdoors, and busy mom to a seven-year-old.

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Praise for Clark the Colorblind Chameleon

“Such a beautiful book! With a very powerful message for little ones.

“My Kindergarten students loved this book. The message: It’s okay to be different, we are all beautiful in our own way! Cute and colorful illustrations too. Great vocabulary was used, and we had many teachable moments with this book.”

3-5 Years
32 pages; 8 x 10 / Hardcover
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Publication Date: FEB. 2023 
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Keywords: Children, Fears, Acceptance, Diversity, Black Lives Matter, End Racism,
Social Justice, Disability Justice, Never Give Up, Nature

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