Native Air

In a debut novel from Green Writers Press by Jonathan Howland, the austere beauty and high exposure of mountain adventure provide the context and the measure for what it means to be alive for climbing partners Joe Holland and Pete Hunter – until one of them isn’t. When the book opens, it’s the mid-80s. Joe Holland, the […]

One Man’s Maine: Essays on a Love Affair

Maine is a talisman of the American imagination, offering beauty and wildlife to tourists and natives. Over the last few years, Jim has published many essays about the wonders and challenges of Maine’s environment, and One Man’s Maine collects and edits them into sixteen pairs. The first essays of each pair employ the natural icons […]

Mason Goes Mushrooming

Future foragers are invited to come along! There are treasures in the forest just behind Mason’s house. In this first-of-its-kind foraging story told through the eyes of a third-generation mushroom hunter, Mason takes his cues from thunderstorms and apple blossoms to grab a basket and hit the woods. We join him on his forays with […]


Longleaf is a chapbook of poems deeply rooted in place and the landscape of John Saad’s native coastal Alabama. This wide-ranging and wise collection shows the poet’s bone-deep connection to home that stems from childhood through early adulthood. With finely wrought images and specialized yet lyrical language that recall the best of Rodney Jones and […]

The Dreamcatcher Codes

FOUR GIRLS. FOUR DIRECTIONS. ONE PURPOSE Powered by the elements earth, air, fire, and water, and secret messages from mystical dreamcatchers, four girls join forces on a quest to recover the stolen piece of the coveted Crystal Horseshoe. Snatched by a giant raven during a raging storm, this sacred talisman holds the Codes of Nature […]

Farm Girl, a memoir

Farm Girl is a memoir of urgent grace that crosses boundaries of genre and time. In her second year of college, Megan finds herself bonded to a lover spiraling into addiction and two thousand miles away from her heart’s home—a stretch of forty certified-organic acres along the banks of the Connecticut River separating Vermont and […]


At Green Writers Press, we are proud to offer our growing list of audiobooks. Our audiobooks are available throug every platform, including Audible, but, based in Seattle, is our preferred method we recommend to our readers: Simply click on LIBRO.FM and type in the name of the audiobook you are interested in reading more […]

GWP’s Poem-a-Day from Greg Delanty

For our series “A Poem a Day,” we are honored to publish a sequence of poems from the editor of our climate change anthology, So Little Time: Words and Images for a World in Climate Crisis, Greg Delanty. About his upcoming poetry collection No More Time (due from LSU Press next August/September) where this sequence […]

Happy Mother’s Day from GWP Moms . . .

Happy Mother’s Day from all of the women and mothers at Green Writers Press, Green Place Books, Green Sprouts, and our literary magazine, The Hopper! Here are some books, for moms of all ages, that will make perfect gifts for the mother in your life . . . Enjoy! ~~~ A perfect Mother’s Day gift […]

Eleven Miles to June

Eleven Miles to June, a debut poetry collection from Oakland, California author, Ha Kiet Chau, focuses on a woman’s journey from childhood to adulthood—her movements, her nuances in black and white, in technicolor and sound. The poems explore themes such as self-identity, gender, assimilation, culture, women’s issues, and social challenges. Advance Praise “In a voice […]

Healing the Divide: Poems of Kindness and Connection

This anthology features poems by Mark Doty, Ross Gay, Donald Hall, Marie Howe, Naomi Shihab Nye, and many others. These poets, from all walks of life, and from all over America, prove to us the possibility of creating in our lives what Dr. Martin Luther King called the “beloved community,” a place where we see each […]

How to Survive a Brazilian Betrayal: A Mother-Daughter Memoir

Lightening darkness with humor, Velya Jancz-Urban and her 25-year-old daughter, Ehris, introduce readers to their offbeat Connecticut family. Motivated by an 11-year friendship with a charming Brazilian named Jose Geraldo, they spend four years preparing for their move to rural Brazil, where they will run a dairy farm and open an English school. When they follow […]

Interview with GWP author Irene Skyriver

This interview was conducted by GWP associate editor, Evelyn Yielding, a student at Eastern Washington State University, formerly at Bennington College (where she was a GWP intern). 1.   Paddling with Spirits is your very first book. Was there a turning point in your life that made you want to write down this story? Well, I’d never […]


By Maya London-Southern Maya London-Southern was a 2017 Green Writers Press summer intern and is currently a student at Middlebury College. P A R T ~ 1 Though the United States ranks third in the world for highest population, it generates by far the most trash. The nation produces over 250 million tons of waste […]

Our Team

Rose Alexandre-Leach is our senior editor and sometimes writer from Vermont. Her work is at the junctures of science and stories. Previously, she was the editor of a history magazine, an educator, a gardener, and a baker. Rose graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in biology. Rose also leads Sprouts for Kids (Green Writers Press), […]

Freelance and Volunteers: Summer News

We are a low-profit publisher based out of Brattleboro dedicated to telling stories that will make the world a better place. Specifically, Green Writers Press is uplifting regional and national voices that embrace the natural world and interrogate the destruction of it. PARTNER WITH US: GWP is an L3C or a “low-profit limited liability company” which […]

A Vermont Poet Shines Forth & Welcome New Interns & Summer Fellows

(Book Review) Galvanized: New and Selected Poems by Leland Kinsey By David Nilsen Galvanized, the new collection from Vermont poet Leland Kinsey, is a document of the hardship and rough-hewn beauty of living close to the land, in reach of its temper but also its embrace. Kinsey grew up on a Vermont farm, the child of […]


SUMMER INTERNS 2022 Maria Tane is a student at the University of Amsterdam where she is majoring in Literary and Cultural Analysis, with a focus on environmental humanities. She has a soft spot for fantasy and sci-fi stories because of their ability to nudge people to think beyond what seems possible, which she thinks is […]

Our Summer Locavore Book CSA & Some New Faces

ALEX FISCHER, from Brattleboro, is our new bookkeeper After years of organic farming and working as a bookkeeper, Alex decided to take the plunge and start Open Bookkeeping. The business is rooted in the values and experiences learned from social justice organizing and managing the finances of small businesses and nonprofits.  Alex holds an MBA in […]

The Beavers of Popple’s Pond

The Beavers of Popple’s Pond . . . sketches from the life of an honorary rodent by Patti Smith, illustrations by the author Tucked away in a remote stream valley in Vermont, a dynasty of beavers has nearly completed the restoration of the meadows and ponds that adorned this stream in the days before the […]