Welcome GWP’s Summer Interns

GWP is a proud participant in the Bennington College Field Work internship program, which we have been doing since our inception in 2014. We also work with interns from other colleges who are all extremely motivated young people and care about the fate of the earth and want to do everything they can to foster a sustainable environment. We welcome this summer’s stellar group!

JESSICA ZENG   A senior undergraduate in Bennington College, Jessica is a fiction writer, a ceramic artist, co-chair of DREAM (a mentorship program in New England) at Bennington College, and a lover of the world. One of her favorite things about growing up in Brooklyn, New York, is how the limitations of urban living has nurtured her appreciation for the natural world. In college, she is an editorial assistant for the Bennington Review and studies how art and writing can be used to further environmentalism. For the past year and a half, she has been working on a novella about how a young woman tries to navigate her personal narrative through a half-flooded NYC. When she has time, Jessica likes to write, take naps, explore green parks, bother her cats, collect different kinds of honey, read, and look at cute Japanese goods on the internet.

MAYA LONDON-SOUTHERN is a rising sophomore at Middlebury College, where she studies English and American literature. She is from the town of Middlebury, and loves the state of Vermont. She loves being around people (whether she, herself is socializing or she is just reading about others), traveling, writing, and kombucha. She is trying to explore her creativity sustainably, and is very excited to intern at Green Writers Press, which shares her values.

DEJA HALEY is a rising sophomore at Bennington College, studying Literature and Psychology. She loves writing and listening to music. Deja is from Philadelphia, PA, and has a strong lovely feeling for the city.




LYDIA GOLITZ is a rising Junior at Bennington College, where she is studying Literature, History, and a little Spanish. She has loved nature and writing since she was small, so is excited to work with GWP, who, like her, has both a great passion for literature and a desire to integrate a social conscious into all the work that they do. Lydia is originally from Chicago and loves the Midwest, chocolate labs, and the color red.

JOSH BOVEE is a fiction writer from upstate New York who is currently finishing up his MFA in creative writing through the College of Saint Rose in Albany. Beyond his interests in literature, mythology, and psychoanalysis, Josh also enjoys things such as Nature. For example, the ocean, high-points, open-spaces, and crows. Josh has an intense passion for Wiffle Ball, manhattans, and all different kinds of bread. He lives in Putney, Vermont, with his girlfriend who one day hopes to have a dog.


GWP author, M JACKSON, has just been named a 2017 Emerging Explorer by National Geographic! Here is the link to read more about her and this incredible honor and there is an excellent interview with this intrepid young woman earth scientist. Here is an excerpt from her interview on the

If you think about glaciers being the most visible manifestation of climate change, think about how we talk about climate change more broadly. . . .We tend to talk about climate change as if it’s this very same phenomenon that’s happening to all people in all places at all times. Instead, it’s actually this incredibly complex thing that’s happening in really diverse and complex ways all over the planet.

We are so proud of M and excited to watch her give a live talk the week of June 12-16 at Natioinal Geographic HQ in Washington, DC.  People can stream it live on social media from the NG HQ—they’re estimating an audience of 2 million viewers! So proud to be M’s publisher!


One of our interns, Maya, is striving to live the summer without producing any trash, following the principles of the growing Zero Waste movement. She will be keeping a blog to document her summer sans garbage and spread the word about sustainable living. Check back soon for updates on her upcoming blog!