Why I Ride: Because a Bike Pedal Lasts Longer Than a Gas Tank



“Hollie McNish is breaking boundaries and showing that poetry has a place and a role in the 21st century.”

—James McMahon, CBS Tennessee

Celebrate the ride—its joy, its labor, its freedom. In our world of fossil-fuel dependence, insisting on the value and beauty of riding a bicycle is a subversive and necessary act. And, as any rider will tell you, it’s fun!  Why I Ride is an ode to the experience of the rider that was collaboratively produced by the award-winning lead poets of the UK arts collective Page to Performance and the Cambridge kids who participated in their summer 2013 workshops.

Each stanza of the poem receives its own page spread and is accompanied by a bicycle-themed photo in classic black and white. YouTube videos by Hollie McNish have reached over 2.5 million people in the last two years alone. Audio and visual footage of Why I Ride is also available on YouTube. The book offers a multimedia feast based around spoken word that any reader will find accessible and to which any rider will relate. Why I Ride is a book for your body as much as your mind—it eggs on the muscles, evokes the wind in your hair.

“Why do you ride?  / And if you could but you don’t  / Why not?”


This is the book, and e-Book, that will be the grassroots movement’s Bible for riding instead of driving an automobile. It will become an anthem for young people around the world, and the interactive video link will inspire all people, especially people who don’t think about driving—they jump into their car and press the gas pedal without a second thought. Hollie is a rising international star, not afraid to speak out, speak her mind on tough issues, and bring about CHANGE.



Here at Green Writers Press, we are thrilled to be the first U.S. publisher of Hollie and Inja’s bicycle riding anthem, the call-to-action for all people to ride and save gas, and have fun in the process. A percentage of profits from book sales goes to 350.org and other grassroots environmental orgaizations.

Hollie’s poetry moves with the rhythms, the excitements and disappointments of contemporary life. Deeply committed to the idea of language as a tool of self-expression and communication, her poems are accessible, deeply felt, but simultaneously crackling with a passion and wit all her own.

Whether writing about parenthood, bicycle riding, newspaper bias, body fascism, science or the trials and acquittals of love, she steers clear of the hackneyed, the tired and clichéd, to produce poems which ignite the imagination. Written more often than not in the intensity of the moment, Hollie views our world with fresh poetic verse to produce sometimes startling, sometimes uncomfortable truths. With a devoted following of fans from her poetry readings and performances, Why I Ride is a free-wheeling blast of creative expression, written in verse that enlightens and entertains.

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PUB DATE: April 22, 2016



BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

A British Poet of the 21st Century. Hollie is breaking boundaries and showing that poetry has a place and a role in the 21st century and she is using social media to bring it to the world.
—James Mahon, Irish broadcaster, CBS News Affiliate TV News Reporter, blogger and journalist based in Chattanooga TN



Hollie McNish. Photo by Kim Leng Hills.

Hollie McNish.
Photo by Kim Leng Hills.

Hollie is a published UK poet and spoken word artist, based between London and Cambridge. She has released two poetry albums, Touch and Push Kick, both to critical acclaim, and a first collection of written poetry, Papers, published by Greenwich Exchange, London.

She has appeared in venues as diverse as Glastonbury festival, Ronnie Scotts Jazz Bar, London’s Southbank Centre and Cambridge University and has had poems commissioned  by Radio 4 Womans Hour, WOW festival, Tate Modern and Channel 4 Random Acts. She performs across the UK as well as abroad, with previous tours and residencies in Belgium, Australia, France and Portugal, and for the British Council in Latvia and Poland. She was the UK Slam poetry champion 2009, through which she represented the UK in the Slam du Monde finals in Paris, coming 3rd behind the USA and Canada. Hollie now runs Cambridgeshire’s youth poetry slam for young people ages 12 – 25.

As well as poetry performances, Hollie runs poetry workshops and recitals for schools, youth centres, charities and more around the country through her poetry education organisation, Page to Performance: www.pagetoperformance.org.


InjaforPRInja is an exceptional Artist, MC and host whose work spans a huge variety of genres including dubstep, hiphop, grime, drum and bass and freestyle poetry. His talent, energy and exceptional lyricism, both live and recorded, have garnered him continuous praise; a ‘lyrical wizard’ (IDj Magazine), with emcee skills ‘faster than a speeding bullet’ (HipHop Connection), he faultlessly crosses his musical barriers with the most recent ‘Skuff and Inja LP’ even displaying ‘forays into dancehall, electronica, vintage funk and contemporary folk’ (London Metro).

As well as stringing a series of hiphop releases on his homegrown label INR. Inja also tours with Taskforce across the UK and Europe. He has been working with Foreign Beggars, Kyza, Skinnyman, Fallacy and Phi Life Cypher, both in live performances and solo releases, the latest of which has been featured on MTV Base, MTV Hits / Europe, BBC 1 Extra, Radio 1 and Kiss FM, amongst others. Inja’s talent to host and hype up any crowd was spotted by the DMC World Championships, landing him his current title as the official host of both the UK and World DMC tours. Inja Neu Logo

He is the UK’s most energetic, crowd-pleasing and versatile performers. As well as performing, Inja co-runs Page to Performance, a UK-based education organization with the central aim of bringing words and poetry to life. Here, he runs workshop and performance days in freestyle and freestyle poetry, lyric writing and emcee skills, both solo and with spoken word artist Hollie. He works in schools, youth clubs and theaters.


Pub date: April 22, 2016  |  $14.95 for both print and $9.99 for e-Book
Paperback |  96 pages  |  5 x 7 with black and white photos
ISBN: 978-0-9893104-8-2
eBook  |  978-0-9893104-9-9

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