The Foreign Language Market & Exciting News

Exciting News: Green Writers Press/Green Place Books, & Green Sprouts for Kids has just accepted an offer from a German foreign rights agent for our Adult and Children’s titles exclusively for the German language market. They will also handle other international licensing deals like our current Chinese deal for an exclusive on our children’s titles.

Here is their website and they have offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich!
We will definitely save up for a table in Frankfurt at the International Book Fair in October this year!

Other publishers they represent include the following: Crossroads Press, Melville House, Two Dollar Radio, and more!

~~~~~~~~~ Please note: Our Cuba Trip has been postponed to early November! ~~~~~~~~~

Congrats to our Vermont Book Award Nominees from Green Writers Press!

Horse-Drawn Yogurt: Stories from Total Loss Farm by Peter Gould
Learning to See in Three Dimensions by Pamela Spiro Wagner
The Full Vermonty: Vermont in the Age of Trump by Bill Mares & Jeff Danziger
Wild Mountain by Nancy Hayes Kilgore
Roads Taken: Contemporary Vermont Poetry edited by Chard deNiord & Sydney Lea
Field Guide to Murder & Fly Fishing by Tim Weed
Clothesline Religion by Megan Buchanan
Last Correspondence by Leland Kinsey



Please join us to celebrate the launch of an exquisite children’s picture book we published!
Coming soon March 10!

Please join us for a family friendly salamander party and book launch for the upcoming picture book, Salamander Sky, on March 10th at 3:30-5:30pm at the North Branch Nature Center in Montpelier, Vermont!


Last, but not least… more exciting news!!!!!! 

One of our authors, Dr. M Jackson— (whose second book, The Secret Lives of Glaciers, just signed by Green Writers Press!!!) has been named a 2018 TED GLOBAL FELLOW! 

Here is what she wrote …

“Being named a 2018 TED Fellow feels extraordinary and validating. I grew up rural and poor, and told over and over I was neither smart nor strong enough. The idea of being a scientist was not even in my realm of possible. But my parents kept encouraging me. And when they died, I nearly gave in. Nevertheless, I drew on the strength they gave me, and I kept going further. And even today, when I am told over and over that my work is not “science” enough, or that my Ph.D. does not qualify me to be an expert on climate change (it’s real), or when being a female scientist is seen as sufficient grounds to harass & attack, I keep going, energized by validation from the TED Fellows Program and so many others.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Here’s to inspiring and encouraging the next generation of female scientists, and working each day to make our world better.”  LINK:…/