Respects for Seamus Heaney & Our First Book is Printing in Vermont Today

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I feel like a mother about to have a baby—the excitement, the collaboration between publisher-printer-artist-writer—is everything I dreamed about when I started this publishing company! I want to thank the many supporters along the way, especially the people who don’t think I am crazy, and have celebrated the idea of a publisher working in harmony with the earth’s resources.

Brian D. Cohen and Holiday Eames have a WINNER on their hands—a book so beautiful in word and art it is breathtaking to look at and lovely to read. I am stunned and humbled that they choose to publish with us here in Vermont. But it all makes sense, really—a Vermont publisher, a Vermont-made book, a Vermont printer. Brian was invited to be one of the featured artists at the Burlington Book Festival—we will also have a booth at the Brattleboro Literary Festival, and a gala launch party and reading at Next Stage Arts in Putney featuring GWP authors: Brian D. Cohen, Holiday Eames, Patti Smith, Greg Delanty, and more…

We are very interested in talking to people about being part of our publishing company—and pardon our tardiness if we don’t get right back to you. We are doing our best! There is some talk about us doing a crowd-sourced fundraiser, from Kickstarter, or Indiegogo. If anyone is interested in helping with that, or giving us feedback, please contact us at


sheaneyAlso, on this day, poet Seamus Heaney has left us—a poet of such magnitude and compassion, I am stunned and saddened to hear the news. He lived and died in Dublin, Ireland, but I had the opportunity to hear him read and will never forget it! He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1995.

His poem, Hofn, is going to be in our anthology, So Little Time, and poet Greg Delanty was instrumental in connecting GWP to the work of this great man. Our condolences to Seamus’ family, friends, and admirers. The world mourns.




The three-tongued glacier has begun to melt.
What will we do, they ask, when boulder-milt
Comes wallowing across the delta flats

And the miles-deep shag ice makes its move?
I saw it, ridged and rock-set, from above,
Undead grey-gristed earth-pelt, aeon-scruff,

And feared its coldness that still seemed enough
To iceblock the plane window dimmed with breath,
Deepfreeze the seep of adamantine tilth

And every warm, mouthwatering word of mouth.



Please join me in a very warm welcome for The Bird Book, a new book of verse and illustrations that will become a children’s classic, and also carry on a wonderful tradition of poetry.

Dede Cummings

2 thoughts on “Respects for Seamus Heaney & Our First Book is Printing in Vermont Today

  1. Alan Wallisch

    Preserved in a Bog
    an elegy for Seamus Heaney

    I heard of his passing
    the day before yesterday.
    The man who brought Beowulf to life
    and told over hearts ripped and torn in Thebes.
    The fellow who told us of Sweeney’s flight
    and opened a Door into the Dark.

    There was honesty and empathy
    in the dirt under his fingernails
    and deep respect for the toil that put it there.
    The pages smelt of turf and the musk of the Moyola.
    The fire has gone out of him
    but ash and smoke and footprints in the Bann clay remain.

    In the ink and paper cottages,
    the deftly recorded bogs,
    the soul-voice of a man lingers.
    I never met him and I know him well,
    for having read his words
    I have deeper knowledge of all men and women.

    He sleeps in the earth,
    his eye flashes in the turning of a salmon.
    His tears plash on the cliffs of Moher.
    His boat glides westward.
    Farewell, great bard, adieu.


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