Our Summer Intern is here! Meet Desmond Peeples

dspeeplesDesmond S. Peeples is a writer of fiction and nonfiction loosely based in Vermont. His work is either available or forthcoming in Big Bridge, Cultural Logic, and Goreyesque.  During his time at Goddard College in Plainfield, VT, Desmond completed the manuscript of a speculative novel, and he is currently hunting for literary representation. Most recently he founded Mount Island, an online literary magazine now accepting quality prose and poetry for its debut issue.

Reasons for interest in the internship:

Years of writing fiction and essays have helped me develop my skill and love for editing, a discipline that is fundamentally based in bridging gaps between people, in helping intertextualized voices cohere and become more effective together (or apart, if that’s the more judicious arrangement). I love good books, literary communities, and getting to know writers – oh yes, I love all that treasure. But more than anything, I want to contribute to the publishing industry because I see how it can fortify and nurture all our odd senses of person-hood. And Green Writers Press is a close-knit, important example of that potential. To work with an independent press so conscious of our time’s intertwined socio-ecological pressures would be an honor, and I’m eager to prove my worth in the industry.

Just as important to me as the Press’s vision is the fact that you serve the unique and inspiring community of Vermont. I was born and raised in Vermont, and not even my wanderbug can keep me away from home. I love otherness and exploration, but I’ve come to my own little understanding that Vermont is like no other place in the country (I may not be the only one who feels this way). Far be it from me to hoard my passion from the motherland!¬† An internship with Green Writer’s Press would not only allow me to grab this publishing bull by the horns, but also contribute my most cherished talents to a community that I truly love.

We are thrilled to have Desmond here and working away!

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