GWP Welcomes Our First Intern

imageExciting news… Green Writers Press is growing…. And we’d like to welcome our first-ever intern, Alexandra Sandman-Pitonyak.

In her own words….

Although my official course of study at Bennington was visual art, with a focus in painting and ceramics, part of my senior work at included making a book that offered a historic, visual, and artistic exploration of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. History and historical research in particular were another main focus of my study, along with early childhood development and education. The visual components of the book were based on an independent study of Medieval European and Islamic illuminated manuscripts, and a visual arts course called Words as/and Image. For the independent study I traveled to London in order to spend a month carrying out original research. I also incorporated the use of the phonetic alphabet based on an Introduction to Linguistics course through UVM (2011). While at Bennington I also had the opportunity to travel to Auroville, India (an intentional community) where I worked as an assistant teacher for the outreach school Udavi Gentillesse teaching English as a second language in their second grade class.

Since graduating from Bennington College I have taken both a phonetics course and Speech and Hearing Sciences through UVM, and recently completed a five month observation with a school based Speech-Language Pathologist. I have become quite passionate about linguistics, communication and language and am looking for new and excting ways of combining them.

—Alexandra Sandman-Pitonyak


We are so fortunate to have Alexandra (Lexi) join us at Green Writers Press. She will be working on our Bill McKibben book, tentatively titled, Hush, which will combine words and images of Vermont—a “coffee table book” with a mission; a thing of beauty (to paraphrase Keats), and also a look at Vermont from the eyes of her staunchest environmental defenders, from Robert Frost, to contemporary poet, Greg Delanty, a professor at St. Michael’s college in Burlington.

Lexi is a Vermonter, having grown up in Montpelier, where she was home schooled…. here is a sample of some of her stunning work.



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