“Art-making is learned by immersion.” – Jane Hirschfeld


Green Writers Press is a publishing house, a small press, located in rural Vermont, with a mission to help spread a message of hope and renewal through the words and images we publish and to help foster a sustainable environment. We hope to share beautiful words and art with the world, and we’d love it if you would accompany us on this journey.

Feb 16 — Our submission guidelines have changed! Please read below . . .

We use Submittable now (with absolutely no charge except for the occasional cash award contest). We will look at poetry, fiction, short story collections, environmental essays, children’s picture books, artwork, and photography. We are very interested in hearing from readers, writers, and artists. Since we are a small organization, and so swamped with inquiries, we don’t want you to feel lost if we don’t get right back to you! We value everyone’s contributions, big and small. Here is the link.

If you would like to submit to our literary magazine, please be sure to read through them. The Hopper literary magazine is on Submittable as well. Here is the link.

A word about timing . . . Please allow 3-6 months for a response. The one thing writers and artists should know, is that we have been swamped—happily so!—with submissions. We are having a hard time keeping up, so thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

Thank you and happy writing, along with your environmental and social justice activism!