The Hopper Print & Online

HOPPER MAGThe Hopper is a literary magazine from Green Writers Press. We publish one print issue a year and update our online magazine with new content twice a month.

The Hopper online is dedicated to exploring literature and art as tools for environmental change. On this site you will find interviews, literature, criticism, reporting, and blogging. Along with visual art, all of these forms are paths towards an invigorated understanding of nature’s place in human life. Additionally, the creative pieces presented here are part of a new phase in nature writing that seeks to include a modern consciousness in narratives of place.

We take great pleasure in publishing new and seasoned writers of New England, but are open to those from all geographies. If you have questions, comments, or would like to write for us please visit the Contact and Submit pages.



Detail of White Barn at Scott Farm by Catherine Dianich Gruver.