The Ta Ta Weenie Club

A Story Collection from the Four-Time Moth Story Slam Winner

The Ta Ta Weenie Club is a homespun collection of twenty-one stories which take place in Vermont during the ’60s and early ’70s, an era before car seats, airbags, and childproof caps. A time and place when a kid could leave the house in the morning to go out and play until dusk with loyal friends and tolerated family. From county fairs and middle school dances, to loving hound dogs, and mean teachers, it was a period where a parent’s authority was the law and was backed up by real means. This humorous story collection reveals life’s lessons that shaped the future of a young man.

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PRAISE for The Ta Ta Weenie Club

“Bill Torrey is a storyteller too pure to be real and too funny to be believed. Spend a little time with him, though, and you realize he’s that one in a million person who has lived his life fully—felt it, loved it, and knows how to talk about it. Great storytellers and great stories don’t always find each other. With Bill Torrey it’s a head-on collision.” —Tom Bodett, author, humorist, radio guy

“Bill Torrey is a natural storyteller who’s had the advantage of growing up on a farm, a setting full of stories. By turns wacky, hilarious, or heart wrenching, The Ta Ta Weenie Club will have you reaching for Bill’s tales for years to come, and trying out some unique Vermont expressions that you’ve probably never heard before.”  —Willem Lange

“Bill Torrey’s laugh-out-loud tales of his childhood in Vermont ring more true than any I have read. If you want to know the real Vermont, don’t miss this wonderful collection. It’s a long-gone Vermont, seen and lived through the eyes of a young Vermonter growing up in it. “ —Bill Schubart, author of I Am Baybie 

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BILL TORREY is a sixth generation Vermonter whose kin were at Fort Ticonderoga with Ethan Allen in 1775, planting his roots solidly into the forested hills of the state. He grew up on his family’s farmstead in Essex during the ’60s and early ’70s. By following the rugged heritage of his family, Bill was led to a life working in the woods of Vermont. At 19, he was a lumberjack earning eighty cents a tree and all the sawdust he could eat. He soon went off logging on his own with small, light-on-the-land equipment to better serve the forest. Bill wrote a monthly column for Outdoor Magazine for three years and has been published in Northern Woodlands Magazine. After forty years tending the forest, and still possessing darn near all his fingers and toes, Bill decided to pursue other callings. He has found oral storytelling to his liking and has won four Moth Story Slams in Burlington, Vermont, three Extempo Storytelling Competitions in Central Vermont, and New York’s North Country Public Radio’s Black Fly Story Slam and thus received the coveted Golden Fly Swatter.
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Below, a few photos from the book, showing the author’s early years on the farm in Vermont


5.5 x 8.5 Paperback Original; 206 pages; $19.95
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Pub date: September 30, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9974528-0-8
Available wherever books are sold.
Author available for readings and especially telling stories throughout New England.
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