The Bird Book

by Brian D. Cohen and Holiday Eames

An early children’s alphabet book for ages 4 – 8.

Bird Book is a children’s alphabet book by artist and educator Brian D. Cohen, with rhyming couplets written by Holiday Eames. Created for their son, David, each letter of the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase, corresponds to the bird illustrated on each page. The descriptions can be read aloud to especially inquisitive children, or be enjoyed by an adult reader alike.

Originally hand-colored and printed letterpress, only 26 copies were made. Now gathered in book form for the first time, printed in four colors on beautiful recycled paper, these stunning prints will also appeal to adults interested in art books, small press books, printmaking, and birds. Their children and grandchildren will thank the parents and gift givers as well, for the birds in the book, and the accompanying couplets will open up a world of art and poetry that will become a family favorite.

One of our first children’s titles, the relief etchings of this one-of-a-kind alphabet book will become a classic and an introduction to letters as well as to the birds that inhabit the earth and a child’s imagination.


“This alphabet book is exquisite in every way…it will be pored over, time and time again, by both children and their parents.”

—Anna Dewdney, author and illustrator of Llama Llama Red Pajama and many other children’s books.


“It is a joy to see in this book, the art of illustration take wing. This fine art invites studied viewing of each bird. I’m sure that Audubon, as a child, would have loved growing up with this alphabet book.”

—Ashley Bryan, writer and illustrator


“Brian Cohen’s ABC unfolds like a deck of exquisite tarot cards, each image evoking a meaning deeper than it’s face value. Cohen’s sensitive and subtle illustrations are like a cross between Richard Audubon and Edward Gorey; full of keen observation and dry humor. They are imbued with a sense of mystery and seem to exist in a world outside of time.”

—Donald Saaf, children’s book illustrator


Brian D. Cohen, is a printmaker and founder of Bridge Press, publisher of limited edition artist’s books, broadsides, and etchings, in Westminster Station, Vermont. Brian has shown in over thirty individual exhibitions and in over 150 group shows, and his books and etchings are held by major private and public collections throughout the country. His is well known as a natural science illustrator as well as a writer on art, and has taught art for thirty years.

Holiday Eames studied poetry at Bennington College with Stephen Sandy, and has continued to write throughout her adult life. She is currently a psychological counselor for children.


Published October 24, 2013 } $19.95 for print and $9.99 for e-Book
Hardcover | 56 pages | 8 x 10 with 4-color illustrations throughout | 978-0-9893104-2-0
eBook | 978-0-9893104-3-7