Tea With Dad: Finding Myself in My Father’s Life

When a woman with a messy life looks to straighten it out and reconnect with her widowed father, she finds humor and conversation work to close the distance between them, and both find they have things to learn from the other.

Tea with Dad maps the rough terrain of the author’s life and experiences before and after moving in with her eighty-two-year-old father and living with him consistently and longer on a day-to-day basis than she ever had as a child. She is surprised by the distance between them and the apparent discomfort the two of them feel. Nancie, the twice-divorced mother of three grown daughters, is still reeling from the last ten years—during which, among other things, her second husband disclosed that he was gay, and her mother unexpectedly died. She leaves a well-paying job in online media and rents a house from her father on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She plans to regroup, write, and live closer to her dad so that she is there to care for him when the time comes. But personal circumstances force her to move in with her father far sooner than expected, and not on her terms. To be with and care for her father until the end of his life, she must confront long-term and unresolved issues that threaten their getting along. As she finds ways to reconnect with her dad and revise their relationship—specifically through afternoon tea and long car rides—she grows to know him better. Through all of this, she learns more about her mother and rediscovers herself.

Praise for Tea With Dad

It’s been said, and as a father of a daughter I know it’s true, “A daughter is her father’s heart, walking away on feet.” Nancie Laird Young, three-score-and-change, needed to walk back into her father’s house. Six years later, she’s given him, and us, this lovely book.
—Jesse Kornbluth, writer and editor, HeadButler.com

A profoundly moving story about midife reckonings and inter-generational caretaking, family connections, and what it means to come home.
—Heather Diamond, author, Rabbit in the Moon

Sit back and steep yourself in Young’s reflective recounting of family stories and secrets, misconceptions and discoveries, in what ultimately proves to be the grace-infused accommodation between an aging parent and adult child, between their past and their present.
—Jim Tomlinson, author of Things Kept, Things Left Behind (Iowa Short Fiction Award)

No one gets a do-over in life, but the next best thing is to look at our experiences and make sense of them in the service of truth and growth. In Tea with Dad, Nancie Laird Young takes an unflinching look at herself, her family, and her place in the world in a memoir that is authentic yet compassionate… Tea with Dad is a personal story that addresses a universal longing. It is a homecoming to oneself.
—LouAnn Clark, author and podcaster, A Decided Difference

About the Author

Nancie Laird Young lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where she and her nonagenarian father vie for who takes care of whom and “discuss” politics. A military brat, Nancie traveled through Europe, the Far East, and across the United States. Besides contributions to books and magazine articles about the Internet, she held positions in Online Social Media Management, Content Development, and Strategy at WashingtonPost.com, Edmunds.com, LifetimeTV.com, and AOL/Time Warner, among others. She continues to work on two books, one about her mother, which continues this memoir series, and another book for blocked wri

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