Old New Worlds

Old New Worlds intertwines the immigrant stories of the author and her great-great grandmother. Sarah Barker and her new husband sail from England in 1815 to minister to the indigenous Khoihoi in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. In the midst of conflict, illness, and natural disasters, Sarah bears sixteen children. Two hundred years later, Judith leaves post apartheid South Africa with her new American husband to immigrate to the United States. She is drawn to Sarah’s immigrant story in the context of her own experience, and she sets out to try and trace her. In the process, she finds a soul mate.



Author’s note about the book:

  • My new book interweaves two immigrant stories from different times and places, creating a dual biographical and memoirist narrative, to explore shared experiences of migration, colonization, racism, and the familial connections of genealogy.
  • I did on-site research at the National Library of South Africa in Cape Town; at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) at the University of London; at the Cory Library at Rhodes University in Grahamstown; and I visited the site of the Theopolis Mission station in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. I have photographic and electronic documentation from all these research sites.
  • I employed a genealogist to help me trace Sarah’s story. 


About the Author
Judith Krummeck is a writer and broadcaster living in Baltimore. Prior to emigrating from South Africa to the United States, Judith was a professional actor and the arts editor for SAfm at the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Since 1998 she has been the evening drive time host for Baltimore’s classical music station WBJC, where she also hosts the monthly series Booknotes. Judith graduated summa cum laude with an MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore, and she holds a BA from the University of Cape Town. Judith is the author of Beyond the Baobab, a collection of essays about her immigrant experience.


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Pub date: September 12, 2019

Keywords: autobiography; personal history; women’s studies; immigration

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