KABOOM! —a YA clifi novel

KABOOM!, an expertly crafted coming to age and activism novel, is Brian Adams’ most recent foray into Young Adult Romantic Climate-Fiction. Cyndie and Ashley, two spunky and spirited teens from coal country West Virginia, become activists overnight when their beloved mountain is threatened by Big Coal. This novel tracks the girls’ experience as they start their own club, Kids Against Blowing Off Our Mountaintops, explore the power of grassroots activism, and even as they both begin to fall in love for the first time. The lively interplay of character dialogue and humorous narration not only makes serious environmental concerns more accessible but also inspires teens to evoke positive change in the world around them.
A YA novel from Green Writers Press that is sure to ignite readers everywhere!

Praise for KABOOM!

“Most YAs are sassy and irreverent in tone, and often funny. This one is too, except it’s funnier.” —Mary Wildfire, OVEC Activist

“There is a smile on almost every page and a chuckle or two in every chapter. Author Brian Adams uses humor and no holds barred detail to tell us about a year in the lives of Cyndie and Ashley, two mid-teen best buddies. Pre-occupation with issues of changing bodies and emerging sexuality becomes intertwined with a strong sense of place and a protective love of their mountain. This book reminds us that kids can make a difference. If there was a KABOOM in West Virginia I would proudly wear their tee shirt. This is a funny, fully detailed story. All ages will enjoy it.” —Wayne C. Spiggle, M.D., Allegheny Highlands Alliance

“This book totally immersed me in a world of teenagers that I sincerely wish existed ‘for real.’ I wish we could clone the main character (Cyndie) and put at least one of her in every high school throughout Central Appalachia. Of course, she’d need her friends along to accomplish what she and they did in other places. That’s what it takes to save the places we love—a community coming together with local leaders who aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, no matter what. Warning teens: some of your parents and teachers may find this book offensive, for sexual content and for lots and lots of other reasons. Read it anyway!” —Robin Blakeman, Ohio Valley Environmental Alliance

“Mountains go KABOOM! when they are exploded, but there is another type of KABOOM! which can help them remain intact. Brian Adams explains it all for you in the hopeful message of this book.”—Frank E. Grant, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition.

“Cyndie and Ashley are laugh out loud funny, and their daily adventures at high school in West Virginia are entertaining enough. But the girls are in the middle of coal country, so when their favorite mountain gets tagged they decide to fight Big Coal and stand up for Mother Nature. This doesn’t go over well in a town that reveres its coal mascot like a God; the girls quickly end up in hot water. A great look at how teens can be active in the fight to save the environment.” —Lauren White, Independent Publisher Magazine staff

About the Author

Brian AdamsBrian Adams recently retired after teaching for 20 plus years at Greenfield Community College in western Massachusetts where he was a Professor of Environmental Science and co-chair of the Science Department. Brian is active in the climate change movement on and off campus. He has authored numerous health related brochures distributed nationally by ETR Associates. For his first novel, Love in the Time of Climate Change, which was a Foreword Reviews 2014 IndieFAB Gold Medal Winner for Humor, he drew heavily on his experiences teaching and working with students. Brian lives with his wife in Northampton, Massachusetts and now devotes his time to writing romantic comedies centered around environmental activism.


5.25 x 8.00; Paperback Original; 322 pages; $14.95
ISBN: 978-09962676-6-3 (pbk)
Available wherever books are sold.
Author book tour planned from Vermont to West Virginia.
Distributed by Midpoint Trade Books, Ingram’s, Baker & Taylor.