Josie and the Trouble with Trash (Josie Goes Green)

Will Josie Win the War on Waste?

Trash is piling up all over Brooklyn. Where does all this trash come from? And where does it all go? Josie and the gang become trash detectives. But this time, they have to organize their teachers too. And just as they are making progress, Josie’s brother Damien, who has been acting strangely, disappears! That leads to the biggest surprise yet in the Josie Goes Green series.

The Josie Goes Green Collection, Green Earth Book Award Honor Book

“Any book with Jaguars and leeches is definitely worth reading—and this series is turning into a classic!.” —Bill McKibben, Founder of 350 and author of Eaarth 

“How wonderful it was to spend time again with Josie, her friends and family, and be inspired by her passion for protecting the environment. I wish there were more books like this that help kids think about how they can be citizens of the earth..”
—Carl Anderson,
Teachers College Reading and Writing Project 

“Josie, the irrepressible fourth grade green crusader, returns with a rousing adventure and an international eco challenge..” —Mike Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club 

“Josie is wonderfully accessible…funny and fierce, carefree and conscientious…the story is as inspiring as it is engaging.” —Kathy Collins, Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

Nine year old Josie Garcia is a feisty and optimistic girl from Brooklyn who becomes a crusader for preventing disastrous climate change and other environmental threats. In each book, Josie takes simple, ingenious actions that bring real changes to her neighborhood and the world.

3 Books in a planned 4/5 book series. 3 books in series already in print:
Josie and the Fourth Grade Bike Brigade; ISBN: 978-0996087223 PUB: 9/20/14
Josie Meets a Jaguar; ISBN: 978-0997452860  PUB: 04/20/2017
Josie and the Trouble with Trash; ISBN: 978-0999076668  PUB: 10/13/2017

About the Authors
The JOSIE GOES GREEN series is co-authored by the Bruno/Handman family—Beth, Kenny,and  Antonia. The series is inspired by the enthusiasm of the students from P.S. 321, where Beth is Assistant Principal and Benjy and Antonia attended elementary school. Kenny works coordinating environmental campaigns. Antonia works for Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives as a grant writer and communications coordinator. The family is from Brooklyn, New York.  Find out more about JOSIE: 

Josie and the Trouble with Trash
PUB DATE: October 13, 2017
5 x 8; Paperback Original; 96 pages; $6.95 pbk; $4.99 ebk
ISBN: 978-0999076668
Authors available for readings and interviews—national publicity planned for launch and book tour with festival readings. Distributed by Midpoint Trade Books. Available wherever books are sold.

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