Fragments of Memory: A Nepali National’s Reminiscences

In 1949, the author left his remote village in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, traveling by ox-cart, to pursue an education in newly-independent India. This book is the unlikely story of his life from his birth in Nepal, to his days as an activist academic in the Netherlands, and later as a global traveler and official of the United Nations. Few have experienced the equivalent of two centuries of transformation in one lifetime: from a feudal society to the digital age. Ultimately, his life and journey have been guided by a love for learning and a quest for a purposeful life.

Advance Praise

“Prabasi is an enchanting raconteur and his memoir reads like a thriller. He circles around the world in a journey of many twists and turns, rise and fall, hobnobbing with the world’s great and mighty but also seeking solace in the wilderness of nature, the comfort zone of his tight-knit family, searching for the meaning of life…A fascinating account of what the author considers two centuries of transformation telescoped in one lifetime.”
—Kul Chandra Gautam, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, and author of Global Citizen from Gulmi and Lost in Translation: Rebuilding Nepal from the Maoist Mayhem and Mega Earthquake

“Enjoy as travelogue, love story, or rags-to-(modest) riches tale, but above all, this memoir
is a spiritual treasure hunt. Prabasi’s insatiable thirst for wisdom is the golden thread running through all his reminiscences, drawing the fragments of memory together into
one beautiful tale.”
—Christine Eberle, a Roman Catholic writer, retreat leader, and public speaker, author of Finding God in Ordinary Time: Daily Meditations

“The unforgettable story of a man’s long journey in search of his own being and meaning. It is the story of so many of us . . . who journeyed out of our villages, traveling away from our families, exploring new lands and working for great causes. Villagers became global citizens! In the process we evolved into an international nation, bound together by common values, but having no country to call our own.”
—Christopher Benninger, Founder of the School of Planning at Ahmedabad (CEPT University) and the Center for Development Studies and Activities (CDSA) and the author of Letters to a Young Architect 

“Prabasi welds a story crossing continents and covering the epochal changes of our times. A boy from a sequestered Nepali village, wedged between China and India, goes on to serve as a senior official for the United Nations. . . With lightheartedness and profundity, Prabasi fuses the insights and inanities of East and West into a riveting saga of one man’s life and times.”
—Sanjay Upadhya, a journalist of Nepali origin based in Florida, is the author of Nepal and the Geo-Strategic Rivalry between China and India and The Raj Lives: India in Nepal


About the Author
Satish Prabasi was born in Saptari, Nepal, and grew up in Benares, India. His studies took him to Nottingham in the United Kingdom and The Hague in the Netherlands. His varied working life has included time as an activist academic, a United Nations staff member, and an unsuccessful entrepreneur. His work and personal life have taken him across Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe. He now lives in New York with his wife, where he enjoys the company of his two grandchildren, and delights in browsing in the city’s many libraries.

Fragments of Memory: A Nepali National’s Reminiscences
by Satish Prabasi
232 pages; 6 x 9 / Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-7336534-0-4
$19.95 for softcover
E-book ISBN: 978-1-950584-69-7
Pub Date: October 6, 2020
E-book pub date: August 7, 2020

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