Did Tiger Take the Rain?

In a Tharu village in the Nepal terai, it has been uncommonly hot and dry. One day, a tiger comes. People run away in fear. The villagers think it is a bad omen and that the tiger has taken the rain. Best friends Usha and Anjali decide to ask Tiger herself why she has taken the rain. They set out for the jungle. Entering the forest, they meet Jackal who wants to know why they are there. They tell Jackal that they have come to ask Tiger why she took the rain. Jackal asks them to follow him and he will help them find out where the rain went. Thus they start on an adventure from Jackals story to being swept away into the treetops by monkeys who tell their own side of the story. Tiger did not take the rain. Forest help make clouds. Rain comes from clouds and when the forests disappear, so will the rain. What happened to the forest and how can we bring it back?

Praise for Did Tiger Take the Rain?

“An exquisitely told and illustrated tale of a Himalayan land without rain, of frightened farmers, and of courageous girls who go into the forest seeking an answer from the tiger they believe has stopped the rain out of anger. As Anjali learns, ‘We all live under the same sky.’ The combination of gorgeous watercolors, a forest adventure, and the notion that children can act to make life better, creates a vibrant emotional message that welcomes multiple readings.” ~ Riki Moss, sculptor and author of An Obese White Gentleman in No Apparent Distress

“It’s not that others haven’t tried to deliver the message of our impact on the Earth we live on and the other beings we share it with – many have done so. Some beautifully. What sets this book apart is the magical blend of earthiness and innocence. Two young girls step, open and unafraid, into the forest, and ask for the information they need. Greater still, they are willing to accept the answer. I was taken along with them, opening as they did, and feeling the truth in a new way. This story is a gift for all ages.” ~ Tanya Sousa, author of The Starling God

About the Author

Charles Norris-Brown was born in the small town of Warren, Pennsylvania. He completed a PhD degree in Social Anthropology and Sociology at Lund University, Sweden, in 1984, based on fieldwork in the inner hills of Uttarakhand, India. His other research his took him from India to the rainforest of Borneo, and to forest communities in eastern Canada and the Appalachian region of the USA. While visiting the Corbett National Park in India, he decided to combine his art, anthropology, and concern for the environment to focus on writing and illustrating children’s books. In time, he would visit western Nepal in 2011 and 2012, and develop what would become his first children’s book: Did Tiger Take the Rain? Charles hopes to return to the art and writing of the themes he loves most: the fascinating beauty of the natural world.
Author’s Website: https://cwnorrisbrown.com

Hardcover. 8 x 10
34 pages with color illustrations by the author
PUB DATE: October 14, 2016
ISBN: 9780996897358
Ages 4-7 with Cultural Notes inside for educators/parents
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