Clothesline Religion

Clothesline Religion chronicles twenty years worth of adventures in the life of an artist as young single mother. Megan Buchanan, a poet and professional dancer, gave birth to a daughter at 22, lived abroad in Ireland and France, and came back home again to Southern California and the mountains of the Southwest. This debut poetry collection spans wild open roads, backyard vegetable gardens, Irish pubs, country dance halls, Vermont screen-porches, midnight river valleys, artist studios, and the world of waking dreams. Buchanan’s poems offer fierce evidence of what she calls “ordinary magic” —and what others might call mindfulness—discovering gratitude, the path of recovery, and a mother’s deep joy.

Advance Praise

“How fierce and resilient, what a tremendous and tender heart. Clothesline Religion is gorgeous, powerful. I was utterly enrapt, reading it out in the yard under the full sun. And transformed—the book inspired me to take my own daughter out of school for a road trip, time for just her and I. Mother and daughter.” —Robin MacArthur, author of Half Wild

Clothesline Religion offers each reader a chance to hang out in the opened air with the extraordinary Megan Buchanan. Each poem has a lived-in magic, longing transformed by candor, and candor, by music.”   —Verandah Porche, author of Sudden Eden

“We need to coin a word for the feeling that happens when I read these poems. It’s singular and ecstatic and huge. It’s in my chest, near my heart. It makes me want to yell, but instead I remain silent and still inside of it, this feeling. I could stay here forever.” —Rachel Yoder, editor of draft, author of Infinite Things All At Once

“Megan Buchanan finds the sacred in the everyday and offers poems as fierce evidence, each one ‘naked as a hot pancake.’  This collection reminds us that the inevitable heartbreaks of being a person can provoke a more vivid awareness of the world  around us, so that we see ‘the kid/across the teeter-totter’ and witness the hummingbirds’ ‘last sips before flying back to cacti in bisbee.’ What could be more enviable that to be ‘entirely possessed/by an ordinary magic’?” —Matthew Burgess, PhD, author of Slippers for Elsewhere and Enormous Smallness: A Story of E. E. Cummings

“Megan Buchanan manages to pack lines with beauty while simultaneously honing them to a sharp, succinct edge. Her work has sinew and muscle and yet extends an open hand.” —Tim McKee, director of publishing, North Atlantic Books

About the Author

Megan Buchanan’s poems have appeared in such journals as The Sun Magazine, make/shift, A Woman’s Thing, and multiple anthologies. Born in California, she’s lived for long stretches in Ireland, the mountains of the southwest, and New England. Her work has been supported by the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the Vermont Arts Council, and the Vermont Studio Center. Megan is also a collaborative performer and dancemaker, a teacher, and an activist.  She currently lives in southern Vermont with her two children. Green Writers Press has just published Megan Buchanan’s first full-length poetry collection, Clothesline Religion.
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Publication Date: February 1, 2017
6 x 8.5; Paperback Original, 80 pages, $14.95
ISBN: 978-0996897396
Available wherever books are sold.
Author available for readings throughout New England.
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