Breakfast Memories: A Dementia Love Story

For anyone caring for someone with dementia, this book is a bridge of hope. Kate Hanley takes us on a journey where we witness her caring for her aging parents, while trying to balance the demands of her own busy work and family life.

At times, full of frustration and despair, Kate wanted to give up, but knew that was never a choice. As her story progressed, along with her mother’s dementia, Kate discovered a cache of daily love devotionals her dad had penned to her mother every morning on a paper napkin. The discovery of these love sonnets was the key to unlocking the window into her mother’s soul, and gave Kate glimpses back into the world of who her mother once was.

A beautiful story full of love, laughter, and possibility, Kate inspires others walking this path to know and believe that even in the darkest times of despair, there is reason to hope and remember that love is never forgotten.

Praise for Breakfast Memories: A Dementia Love Story

Hanley tells the story of her mother’s dementia and her parents’ love in this affecting memoir. —Kirkus

“I read this from the perspective of the work I do every day in helping those with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. I know how important it is that caregivers do not feel alone. Breakfast Memories—A Dementia Love Story will help daughters, sons, partners, therapists, and caregivers believe that many of the hard decisions, emotions, and days of exhaustion are not forgotten, but are in fact silently remembered. Kudos to Kate Hanley for bringing out a book that will touch and give hope to anyone working with or caring for someone with memory loss.”
—Alexis DonaldsonMental Health & Wellness Specialist

“I cried through all 92 pages of the power of love that Kate reflects upon as a daughter watching her parents love story unfold and then as a daughter listening to her mom’s soul overpower the harshness of dementia in her final days of life. This book should be read by every son and daughter who loves their parents, by those dealing daily with dementia and by anyone who wants to read an authentic love story. Everyday I pray for a cure and prevention to dementia. Breakfast Memories—A Dementia Love Story will help achieve this end. Thank you.”
—Gail MatthewsAuthor, Did I Die? Managing the Mayhem of Alzheimer’s, A caregiver’s Guide to Peace and Quality of Life Glenn and Gail Matthews friend of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund


About the Author
Kate Hanley’s discovery of her parent’s unique love language set her on a path she never anticipated—writing a book. Yet these beautiful “paper napkin sonnets,” and the story that surrounds them, were too precious and inspiring not to share, as they offer hope for anyone in the throes of caring for someone with dementia. Kate lives in Old Forge, New York, with her husband and two dogs. Her two grown sons come home as often as possible to enjoy the peace and beauty of the Adirondack Mountains. Learn more at:

Breakfast Memories: A Dementia Love Story
by Kate Hanley
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Pub Date: August 6, 2019

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