A Hundred Million Years of Nectar Dances

A Hundred Million Years of Nectar Dances is a poetry cycle of singular beauty in nature and reveals an inherent Buddhist quality. Jarrette’s poems are clear and meditative, unfailingly beautiful. They are self-aware but not self-obsessed, singing with the ecstatic humility of a mystic or shaman as they join all the subjects of a life well lived within nature that is ever present. The poems dance and sing and play and rest with their subjects to present a truly beautiful vision of the world. The ending poem, “The Pond,” is perfectly representative of all the others before it, and yet its impressive scope doesn’t rob any glory from what precedes it.  The poems create their own world where they solve their own problems, build memories, and speak to each other. Richard Jarrette’s book is a manifestation of the inherent conversation between human nature and the wild around us that sustains indivisible mutual integrity and ceases at our peril.


“I am entirely taken and altered by these spare, wise, hauntingly conceived, brilliantly crafted poems.” —Jane Hirshfield’s review of Jarrette’s first book of poems, Beso the Donkey

“Richard Jarrette’s voice is unique. I don’t know anyone writing in a manner similar to his.  There are echoes of Merwin, Rumi, the Chinese, but the texture and tone are all his own. The poems that pre-date Beso the Donkey are building to the miracle of what he accomplished there.  But these have their own delights and mysteries, their illuminations and wonder.  There is so much richness in his vision and a sense of the sacred along with an accomplished grace that is rare to find these days.  It is wonderful to enter these poems.”  —Joseph Stroud, author of Of This World: New and Selected Poems

About the Author
Richard Jarrette is the author of Beso the Donkey (MSU Press, 2010), Gold Medal, Poetry, 2011, Midwest Independent Publishers Association; Finalist, Book of the Year, ForeWord Reviews; it has been translated into Chinese by Yun Wang. Jarrette lives semi-reclusively in the Central Coast region of California after formative years in Los Angeles and Western North Carolina.


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