Mission and Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

We are a woman-owned, Vermont-based, global publisher. The term ‘localvore’ applies to our mission, which is to publish books, eBooks, and audio books that will spread a message of hope and renewal as we strive to build awareness about the global climate catastrophe. (Here is a link to an article about our inception in Publishers Weekly.)

What the localvore movement did for the food industry, we want to be for publishing.
—GWP Founder Dede Cummings

It is our mission, at Green Writers Press, to spread a message of environmental activism through the words and images we publish. We also publish books which, while not quite related to that goal, speak to our quality of life and the beauty of nature. We use only FSC-certified papers printed at the following printers: in Vermont, at Springfield Printing Corporation and Villanti & Sons Printers Inc, at our New Hampshire printer, KASE Printing, and at an awesome woman-owned printer, McNaughton & Gunn in Michigan, along with our main printer, Bookmobile in Minneapolis, and at our distributor’s printer in Chicago. We will adhere to GWP’s commitment to preserving and protecting the natural resources of the earth. To that end, a percentage of our profits will be donated to environmental and social activist groups like 350.org, The Southern Poverty Law Foundation, and other groups that are actively seeking a better world for all people and the Earth.

Our books are printed with soy-based inks on paper made with a chlorine-free process, utilizing digital short-run printing, and offset technology. We adhere to GWP’s commitment to preserving and protecting the natural resources of the earth, utilizing responsible environmental, social, and economic practices. Environmentally responsible and sustainable practices are embraced within this, our mission statement. We are exploring printing on other materials as well, such as organic hemp from Canada, kenaf, and arundo donax (similar to bamboo).

Our vision is that, collectively, our printed books (and audio and e-Books) will become a chorus of voices of writers, readers, artists, and photographers, who care about the fate of the earth and want to do something about it. Though we believe our books will be interesting to Vermont residents, Green Writers Press has national and international distribution with a broad reach and impact. Our voices need to be heard, which is why we refer to our press as a global press. We are all connected on this planet we love.

Please peruse our book titles on our site! If you’d like to pre-order a copy of the books listed on this site just contact your local, independent bookstore with the information, or at our national book distributor IPG (Independent Publishers Group) in Chicago. We encourage our buyers to shop local first, and use this link to find your local bookstore.

We also have a Bookshop.org affiliate page, where it is easy to shop—LINK.

Our books are yours to receive and ours to share. We are very excited, and welcome your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Collectively, our voices can be heard—the earth is silent and awaits our action. If you are interested in getting involved (interns are always needed), message us at dede@greenwriterspress.com

Thanks for your support!

The Green Writers Press team


The murder of George Floyd ignited the long-ignored racial disparity and violence against Black/BIPOC/Black Indigenous People of Color in the United States which can no longer be ignored. At GWP, we have been working to better support Black people, People of Color, people with disabilities, our LGBTQ community who are all part of our press and publishing ventures, but we know that we need to increase our efforts to be more inclusive, and work to better represent the diverse community of publishing. It is time to begin to put action behind our words. After reading “Just How White is the Book Industry?” we are galvanized to actively seek new voices from the Black and BIPOC writers/artists community.

We are learning so much (and reading/listening) and want our voices to blend to bring about an end to sytemic racism in our community, the country, the world, with the goal to dismantle white supremacy. We will continue to hold ourselves accountable and focus on having a positive affect and impact in the world of publishing and our rural community. Vermont is a great place to begin and we are working with a local BIPOC farming/csa initiative called Susu Healing Center. A percentage of our profits going forward will also be earmarked to this grassroots, local organization.

SUSU commUNITY Farm is a BIPOC led farm with a mission to offer a life affirming space that nourishes and centers the liberation of Black, Indigenous, People of Color. They do this by creating a culture of liberation in Southern Vermont that fosters our connection with the earth, spiritual practice, healing our relationship to food, the land, and each other. They offer participatory educational and spiritual programming that supports BIPOC, youth, and our allies in engaging in commUNITY practices that restore our connection to the earth and makes systems of oppression obsolete by building systems of health, healing, wellness, and land reverence. Aligned with our sibling organization, The SUSU Healing Collective, The SUSU commUNITY farm centers the voices, healing, and experience of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and is committed to building a liberated culture in Vermont that supports us in releasing trauma patterns of white bodied supremacy, oppression, colonization, and westernized dis-embodiment. (link to suport)

We are also reaching out to another Vermont organization to help support their important work: Living Proof Mentoring is a Vermont-based mentorship program founded by Wayne Miller that “provides kids with living proof that, despite the rural isolation they might feel, they are not alone.  They provide proof that as Black people, we are not restricted to fulfilling any particular role or limited aspects of our identities, stereotypical or otherwise. Our mentors are living proof that Black people can thrive, survive, inspire, and succeed in community.”

GWP is committed to dismantling systems of oppression and embodying the world we envision for our people. #blacklivesmatter

At Green Writers Press, we have witnessed the systemic racism against Black people (and BIPOC) across the country. We want to show up and be held accountable as we navigate this new world. We want our BIPOC authors, artists, and readers to feel a safe space within our publishing house. We operate as a community and the pandemic has taken its toll, not just on our small press, but on the the way we work together (now virtual), and the ways we will continue to publish and produce books, e-books, and audiobooks as tools for social and environmental justice. Glad you are joining us!

GWP was a 2019 Finalist for the Small Press Publisher Award from AWP

AWP’s Small Press Publisher Award is an annual prize for nonprofit presses and literary journals that recognizes the important role such organizations play in publishing creative works and introducing new authors to the reading public. The award acknowledges the hard work, creativity, and innovation of these presses and journals, and honors their contributions to the literary landscape through their publication of consistently excellent work.

GWP is a Member at CLMP
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