Founder Dede Cummings at home in Vermont. Photo by Jeff Woodward.

Founder Dede Cummings at home in Vermont. Photo by Jeff Woodward.

We are a Vermont-based, global publisher founded by writer and environmental activist, Dede Cummings (from Brattleboro, Vermont), to incorporate and facilitate the gift of words to help foster a sustainable environment. It is our mission, at Green Writers Press, to spread a message of hope and renewal through the words and images we publish. Printing on demand (POD), and using only FSC-certified papers printed at our Vermont printer, Springfield Printing Corporation, and at our Tennessee printer, Lightning Source, we will adhere to GWP’s commitment to preserving and protecting the natural resources of the earth.
To that end, a percentage of our proceeds is donated to the environmental activist group, 350.org. We also give a percentage of our profits directly to Vermont-based environmental organizations.

“What the localvore movement did for the food industry, we want to be for publishing.”

Our books are printed with soy-based inks on paper made from pulp that comes from post-consumer waste paper in a family-owned, FSC-certified printer, located in Vermont, and at our Tennessee printer, Lightning Source, utilizing responsible environmental, social, and economic practices; made with a chlorine-free process. Environmentally-responsible and sustainable practices are embraced within this, our mission statement. We are exploring printing on other materials as well, such as organic hemp from Canada, kenaf, and arundo donax (similar to bamboo). Our goal is to never use pulp made from virgin timber fiber for our paper used to print our books and to look for sustainable printing/shipping practices first and foremost.

We are excited to be publishing our own authors, and we welcome your support to help us spread the word. In today’s world of social media and online transactions, here are GWP, we remember that your head and your heart need nourishment from the natural world. With that as our credo, we embark on a journey to bring the beauty of the published book as a tactile object, into the homes and hands of our readers, and we also embrace the technology of tablet and eBook publishing.

Our vision is that, collectively, our printed and eBooks will become a chorus of voices of writers and readers, artists and photographers, who care about the fate of the earth and want to do something about it. Though we believe our books will be interesting to Vermont residents, Green Writers Press has national distribution and we hope to have a broad reach and impact. Our voices need to be heard, which is why we refer to our press as a global press. We are—we all are connected on this planet we love.

Please peruse our titles, and if you’d like to pre-order a copy of the books listed here, as print-on-demand, or eBook, or audio book, just contact your local, independent bookstore with the information found here at our national book distributor in NYC.

It is our hope that we can create a community around our press and the books we publish, and, once each title is released, it is yours to receive and ours to share. We are very excited, and welcome your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Collectively, our voices can be heard—the earth is silent and awaits our action.

If you are interested in getting involved (interns are always needed), message us at

Thanks for your support—and welcome to our community!