LIANA DUDLEY HOLLAND is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, and a poet on special occasions. She is currently in between her first and second terms at Bennington College in Vermont. When she is not at school, she is in northern Maine, where she lives amongst the trees and the quiet with a dog, two goats, four cats, fifteen chickens, and many, many squirrels.

RACHEL ARONE is a first-year student at Bennington College who aims to study literature and writing. She admires how books provide insight into others and the world around us, and how such insight can guide the way to mutual understanding and social change. One day, she hopes to publish a novel of her own and bring others the joy she feels every time she picks up a book. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves to listen to sad indie folk, drink herbal tea, and snuggle with her ultra-fluffy cat, Angel.

RUBY STRUBLE is a junior at Bennington and her majors are Japanese and literature. She speaks Japanese and French, likes to sew, knit and goof off on the internet, and she writes and draws almost every day. She has worked for Boston Hassle and Cervena Barva Press in the Boston area where she’s from. She likes stuffed animals, music, playing piano, and learning languages.



SARAH ELLIS is a writer, vocalist, avid reader and environmentalist me-and-mountainshailing from Brattleboro. She spent recent years in South Hadley, MA, where she graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a degree in Anthropology. Sarah has ventured into education and city government, and she is now pursuing work in the nonprofit sector. She wants the work she does to be meaningful and tangible, and that passion is guiding her search. In addition to reading and writing contemporary fiction, Sarah enjoys watching good television and hiking in the Green Mountain State. Check out her new blog, Composted Mayhem, here.

meJESSICA JAUNDOO, Editorial Intern and Marketing
Jessica is an upcoming sophomore at Bennington College and was born and raised in Boston, MA. She has always had a lifelong interest in nature and her friends always find her trying to adopt any animal or critter into her life. With her interest in the field of Biology and the Environment still in its exploitative stages, her long term hobby has always been writing her own stories and coming up with ideas with friends. Inspiration never fails to strike her at any moment and many who know her are curious to see which book she may publish in the future.

RON ANAHAW, January-February Field Work Intern and 2016 Summer Fellow
Ron Anahaw has three things close to his heart: RonAnahaw
his loved ones, writing, and Korean fried chicken. With a hand on playwriting, poetry, journalism, and fiction, he considers himself a jack-of-all-trades in writing. He is a big believer in trying to keep the world habitable. He is as quick to crack a joke as he is to ask you to collaborate. Ron is a first-year student at Bennington.


KAIYA LEWIS-MARLOW, Editorial Intern
KaiyaLewis-MarlowKaiya is a first term Bennington student with a passion for literature and social change. She lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and was raised with close ties to the local farm movement and community there. In her spare time, she enjoys writing speculative fiction, hiking, and making jewelry out of found mechanical objects and polymer clay.


KAITLYN  PLUKAS, January-February Field Work Intern and 2016 Summer FellowKaitlynP
Kaitlyn is a first-year student at Bennington College with a passion for any and everything Literature oriented. She firmly believes in the power of literature; both in the way it completely transforms perceptions of the world and in the way it inspires unity amongst communities. Her many years as a Girl Scout and Gold Award recipient have inspired her to enact social and environmental change. Kaitlyn is an avid sock collector, an outdoors adventurer, and is a right-handed writer who is preferential to pens.

FERNE JOHANSSON, Editorial Intern
FerneI’m a second-year student at Bennington College with a plan of study in biological science and dance. I grew up in Marlboro, VT, and have spent my life consistently inspired and excited by the beauty and possibilities of the natural world. Although not planning to pursue writing or environmental/ecological studies academically, they are passions of mine that I feel strongly about the relevance and importance of in today’s world. I am so excited to be spending this winter working with GWP.

EMY BLOHM, Editorial and Design InternEmy Blohm
Born and raised in Upstate New York, Emy Blohm is a junior at Bennington College studying primarily literature and visual arts, secondarily history and religion. She has been passionate about storytelling and art-making for as long as she can remember. She enjoys squirrel-watching in the warmer months and hibernating in the colder months. She is currently starting her own business selling vintage revival gowns.

2 0 1 5   I N T E R N S
FLANNERY WIEST, Editorial Intern
Flannery_smlFlannery Wiest grew up on both coasts of the country, in Seattle and Washington, D.C., and is excited to explore Vermont while working with Green Writers Press. She will soon complete her degree in English, Linguistics, and Book Studies at Smith College, after which she plans on pursuing a career in children’s publishing. She recently returned from studying in Cardiff, Wales, where she developed a fondness for tea and scones. Flannery also enjoys hiking, creative writing, knitting, and classic film.

AN NGUYEN, Editorial Intern
An Nguybio picen is interested in a lot of things: black tea, rustling trees, midnight conversations, ecology and evolution, Tolkien, flush toilets, philosophy, and theoretical physics, which she gave up a career in long ago. An is pursuing an education at Bennington College, after which she has no idea what is in store for herself. She is very happy to be doing her first internship at Green Writers Press, and hopes the experience will help with answering all these existential questions.

DANIELLE GYGER, Editorial Intern
DanielleGygerDanielle is new to the East Coast and excited to be working with Green Writers Press! She’s originally from Michigan, and plans to return in good time to attend Michigan State University in the fall, for a degree in English. Her interests in this field include creative writing and children’s literature. When Danielle isn’t chain drinking coffee and working on philosophy homework, she enjoys playing music with family, and spending time outdoors with her wonderful partner. Danielle proofread our YA spring book, The Order of the Trees.

LINDSEY VACHON, High School Intern
LindseyVachonHSInternGWPLindsey Vachon was Green Writers Press’ first high school intern. She is a junior at Leland and Gray Union High School in Townshend, Vermont, where she lives, and hopes to learn everything there is to learn about writing and the publishing world. She loves writing, mostly fiction, and besides that, has a love for creating pottery, traveling and learning about the stars.

AUDREY BATCHELDER, Editorial Assistant/Intern, GWP Zine co-editor
imageAudrey Batchelder grew up in the woods and fields of Marlboro, Vermont, where she developed her love for the land and desire to write. As a Written Arts Major concentrating in poetry and literature at Bard College, she has made the Hudson Valley her home away from home for the past two years, but is currently taking a year off from school. She works on a local organic vegetable and dairy farm, where the good, hard work and time spent in pastures, old barns, and milking cows nourishes her writing. At Bard she was a part of a student-run poetry collective, and completed several dossiers of poetry and prose. She continues to read and write while in Vermont, compiling work that will be used for her final Senior Project.

CHEYENNE VAUGHN, Editorial Assistant/Intern
I was first enchantCheyenne Vaughned by the world of words, stories and books after reading Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn at the age of nine. Since then my book shelves have expanded to include many other authors who also inspire my life and my writing. My contribution to those shelves, so far, are two projects that seek to offer viewers a glimpse of life in rural Vermont using writing and photography. I am a second year student at Bennington College, concentrating in writing and literature.

ALEXANDRA SANDMAN-PITONYAK, Editorial Assistant/InternimageAlexandra Sandman-Pitonyak (Lexi) is a Vermonter, having grown up in Montpelier, where she was home schooled…. In her own words…. Although my official course of study at Bennington was visual art, with a focus in painting and ceramics, part of my senior work at included making a book that offered a historic, visual, and artistic exploration of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. History and historical research in particular were another main focus of my study, along with early childhood development and education.