Printing Sustainably

GWP springNLOne reason we started Green Writers Press was to print our books sustainably, and use eBooks and audiobooks to reduce our fossil fuel use. Our entire home office uses electricity that is run off our home’s solar panels (photo at left). We compost/recycle ‘natch and our hot water comes from a separate solor system on our roof. Since we have a home office, we try to walk, ride a bike, take trains, and public transportation as much as possible.

Most of our printing is on demand, short-run digital (offset when over 1,000 copies), and our books are printed on paper with chain-of-custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. We use only FSC-certified papers printed at the following printers: in Vermont, at Springfield Printing Corporation and Villanti & Sons Printers Inc, at our New Hampshire printer, KASE Printing, and at an awesome woman-owned printer, McNaughton & Gunn in Michigan, along with our main printer, Bookmobile in Minneapolis, and at our distributor’s printer in Chicago, we will adhere to GWP’s commitment to preserving and protecting the natural resources of the earth. We love to work with our partner printers!

Here is the backstory: Dede has been working in publishing for a ridiculously long time—almost 35 years! Print-on-Demand sounds good, less waste and no storage. However—and this is huge—most Print-on-Demand companies (like Amazon, etc.) don’t use recycled paper or adhere to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards/chain-of-custody certification.

Our eBooks and audiobooks are available via all the online platforms—we are up-to-date on this growing area of book sales and they can be found on iTunes, Barnes & Noble Nook, LibroFM,Amazon, and Kobo, amoung others.

Here is a Vermont bookstore’s manifesto, which we embrace:

logoWhen You Choose to Shop
at Phoenix Bookstore
(or your local Indie Bookstore)
& Buy Green Writers Press

  1. You Keep Dollars in Our Economy
  2. You Help the Environment
  3. You Embrace What Makes Us Unique
  4. You Create and Keep Good Jobs
  5. You Nurture Community
  6. You Conserve Your Tax Dollars
  7. You Promote Competition and Diversity
  8. You Take Advantage of Our Expertise
  9. You Invest in The Community!

FSC logoGreen Writers Press prints our books in Vermont and/or uses printers that meet the strict FSC criteria. We make every attempt to adhere to the mission of The Forest Stewardship Council, which is to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world’s forests.

Our vision is that we can meet our current needs for forest products without compromising the health of the world’s forests for future generations.

Our Corporate Structure
A L3C, or low-profit limited liability company, is a for-profit company that holds a charitable or educational cause as its main purpose. As private foundations are required by the IRC to use 5% of their average net assets for charitable purposes, a L3C can fulfill that requirement through program-related investments, or PRIs. In the case of Green Writers Press, the “charitable or educational cause” is stated within its mission: conservation, activism, and hope. Through the books that GWP publishes, environmental activism is being furthered. And so private foundations can provide funding to GWP in order to both publish books and fulfill their PRIs.

We are thrilled with our partnership with Sundog Poetry Center. sundog_logo_rgb
Located in the northern Green Mountains of Vermont, Sundog Poetry Center, Inc. offers events, publishing, retreats, and workshops related to poetry. As a 501c3 charitable organization, it is our mission to promote poetry as necessary to the enrichment of our cultural lives, support poets in their work and create audiences for their poetry, and provide ways to share poetry throughout the Vermont community.

We welcome inquiries from other nonprofits looking to partner with us, tax free, to edit, design and produce gorgeous books sustainably—contact or call 802-380-1121.

Thanks for supporting GWP and helping us spread the word!