A New Year, A New Intern & More

Please join us in welcoming Audrey Batchelder, our new GWP intern.

imageAudrey Batchelder grew up in the woods and fields of Marlboro, Vermont, where she developed her love for the land and desire to write.

As a Written Arts Major concentrating in poetry and literature at Bard College, she has made the Hudson Valley her home away from home for the past two years, but is currently taking a year off from school. She works on a local organic vegetable and dairy farm, where the good, hard work and time spent in pastures, old barns, and milking cows nourishes her writing. At Bard she was a part of a student-run poetry collective, and completed several dossiers of poetry and prose. She continues to read and write while in Vermont, compiling work that will be used for her final Senior Project upon returning to school next fall

Audrey will join seasoned intern, now freelance associate editor, Desmond Peeples, in editing our first literary magazine, GWP Zine. We are thrilled  to have her on board.


Things are going strong with the press, too! Our fall books are really taking off and we are thrilled to announce our spring books for 2015. In addition, we have signed our fall 2015 list as well!

imageThe world of publishing is especially crowded and competitive these days, what with the proliferation of new, small presses and self-published titles by the thousands vying for a reader’s attention. That combined with the stifling reduction in book reviews and reviewers makes getting any national-level attention especially difficult–and especially gratifying when it happens. I’m pleased to announce that POLLY AND THE ONE AND ONLY WORLD has recently been nominated for a YALSA Best Book of the Year award and for the Printz Award as well. And last month, the School Library Journal, a national publication, gave POLLY a truly glowing review. Great news!

Our new Who We Are page (http://greenwriterspress.com/sample-page/who-we-are/) is coming along as more staff and advisory board members join our growing press—Jane Hirshfield and Alex Wilson are the latest! Two recent articles in the media by Joyce Marcel (The Commons) and Margot Harrison (SevenDays) came out at the end of the year, too, and they were excellent.

Thanks for all the support we’ve received from our readers, too! Nancy Braus, owner of our local indie bookstore, Everyone’s Books, gave us a $10,000 interest free loan to help us with our startup costs for printing!  How great to be supported by a bookstore owner! Contemporary Vermont Fiction editor, Robin MacArthur, created an successful Indiegogo campaign to help fund her permissions’ costs and printing of the book, which is selling like crazy! All our books are selling well and steadily.

The best way to help is for people to spread the word. Tell your local independent bookstore about this exciting new press, write a letter to James Patterson (The Henry Ford of Books, according to Vanity Fair) and ask him to give us a million dollars. Seriously, we are an L3C corporation, which means the press incorporated as a low profit “L3C” in the state of Vermont (only one of five states in the country to offer the the designation) and we have received almost $5,000 in donations from individual donors (you know who you are!) via two Indiegogo campaigns. We can take donations on our PayPal account (dcdesign@sover.net), but they are not tax deductible. However, our corporate status as an L3C has some advantages….

Info on L3C
The low-profit, limited liability company, or L3C, is a hybrid of a nonprofit and for-profit organization. More specifically, it is a new type of limited liability company (LLC) designed to attract private investments and philanthropic capital in ventures designed to provide a social benefit. Unlike a standard LLC, the L3C has an explicit primary charitable mission and only a secondary profit concern. But unlike a charity, the L3C is free to distribute the profits, after taxes, to owners or investors. Vermont was the first state to enact L3C in 2008.

Basically, this means Green Writers Press has the flexibility of a for profit corporation, but can receive PRI (Program Related Investments) tax-free from private foundation support, government funding, and traditional investment capital. If you know of a like-minded nonprofit, please share our site with them—they can partner with us and give us some needed funding tax free.

🙂 Happy New Year & Blessings to All!