Award News

The Quebec Writers’ Federation Awards are a series of Canadian literary awards, presented annually by the Quebec Writers’ Federation to the best works of literature in English by writers from Quebec. The A. M. Klein Prize for Poetry is one of seven categories in the annual awards. CONGRATS to GWP poet, Sarah Wolfson! ~~~ The […]

Sundog Poetry Center and Green Writers Press Announce New Book Award

Good news can be hard to come by these days, but if you’re an emerging poet — or eager to emerge — here’s a welcome opportunity: The Johnson-based Sundog Poetry Center has just announced a brand-new First or Second Book Award for poetry. And there’s a reason for that slightly awkward-sounding name. “Sometimes a first […]

Aesop Lake

Seventeen-year-old Leda Keogh witnesses a hate crime against a gay couple from her school and must make some tough choices. About the book: One warm May night at the town reservoir, seventeen-year-old Leda Keogh sees her boyfriend do something awful. She wants to forget it ever happened, but David needs her to be his alibi—and […]

The Wind Speaks

What would you get if a Taoist monk sat down with Wendell Berry, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Sappho, and G.M. Hopkins to write sonnets that banish conventions of form, structure, & meter, while creating new parameters within which to start, stop, surge, yield, twist, turn, open, close. These poems beg to be spoken aloud; each […]

Old New Worlds

A missionary’s wife leaves Regency England to minister to the Khoikhoi in South Africa. Two hundred years later, her great-great granddaughter leaves Africa to immigrate to the United States. Across time and place, two immigrant stories begin to touch and entwine. Old New Worlds is a work of creative nonfiction that is both timeless and timely. […]

Life Lines

Writings from Vermont’s incarcerated women tell their first-person accounts of addiction and mental illness within the prison setting, thus highlighting the challenges these women face in moving forward with their lives. The book offers discussion guides to encourage community involvement in understanding and acting upon issues raised, thus serving a dual educational and advocacy role. […]

A Common Name for Everything

The poems in A Common Name for Everything build idiosyncratic worlds around the themes of nature, home, parenting, and naming—worlds that are at once poignant and absurd: a professional namer of lakes explains his standards; the rural gods are given names; a study of sheep results in loneliness. Steeped in sound play and borrowing academic […]

News from 3 Degrees Vermont

Dear GWP Community (and welcome new authors & readers!), It has been quite a year for our Press. As we look toward a new year, I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the latest news from our growing press—Happy New Year to you all! Let’s hope we can persevere in the face of […]

Our Team

Rose Alexandre-Leach is our senior editor and sometimes writer from Vermont. Her work is at the junctures of science and stories. Previously, she was the editor of a history magazine, an educator, a gardener, and a baker. Rose graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in biology. Rose also leads Sprouts for Kids (Green Writers Press), […]


SUMMER INTERNS 2022 Maria Tane is a student at the University of Amsterdam where she is majoring in Literary and Cultural Analysis, with a focus on environmental humanities. She has a soft spot for fantasy and sci-fi stories because of their ability to nudge people to think beyond what seems possible, which she thinks is […]

The Bodies of Mothers—A Beautiful Body Project

by Jade Beall ~ First in a series of books with a strong media platform of truthful photographs and stories to celebrate the irreplaceable beauty of women and the body positive movement happening all over the world.  The Bodies of Mothers—A Beautiful Body Project: is a groundbreaking 168-page collection that is dedicated to sharing stories about […]